A Low Waste Lip Balm: Homeoplasmine


Boiron's Homeoplasmine is one of those products that lives up to its hype. It's a highly effective and super affordable lip balm I just can't fault. Ever since I discovered it, I've always had a tube in my bag or coat pocket; it lives in my bedside table, and comes with me wherever I go. I recommend it to all my friends, who inevitably fall in love with it like I did, and I couldn't be without it, here's why.

Homeoplasmine can be compared to Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream (minus the smell) and Japan’s Yu-Be (although I’ve never tried it). It’s an all-purpose pomade that soothes irritated skin, heals burns with its mildly antiseptic properties, treats dryness, can be applied to acne, and is also a matte primer for the lips and face.

I've been using Homeoplasmine for years. I find it's best applied as a lip balm as opposed to a healing balm or make-up primer, although arguably it's the best lip balm you'll ever try. With one swipe, the thick balm heals sore chapped lips and creates the perfect base for a lipstick or tint.

If you're looking for a low waste lip balm that's super effective, look no further than Homeoplasmine. The tube is metal with a little cap making it a better option than the standard plastic packaged balms, and a single tube lasts all year. You can buy this online (at a slightly steeper retail price) or apparently Calendula Oil is essentially the same product (minus the petrolatum), which can be purchased at a lesser price from pharmacies or health food shops.

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