A Simple Homemade DIY Facial Toner

A Simple Homemade DIY Facial Toner

Do you use a toner in your skincare routine? Toning is a step I've often neglected yet it's a wonderful way of refreshing your complexion and treating a variety of ailments from sensitivity to blemishes. A toner can be used for balancing and cleansing; it helps to remove stubborn makeup and oily residue while smoothing the skin surface, soothing inflammation, and reducing redness. Making your own toner means you can tweak the perfect treatment for your skin. This recipe is simple yet effective; it can be switched up to suits your needs and skin type, and used daily as part of your skincare routine.

DIY Toner Tonic Ingredients

Distilled Water
Sweet Almond Oil (or other base oil)
Essential Oil such as Tea Tree or Lavender (optional)
Bottle with Spray Nozzle

Optional Extras

For Dry Skin: Add rose water and geranium essential oil
For Sensitive Skin: Add dried rosehip oil and/or rose buds
For Acne-Prone Skin: Replace the water with steeped green tea and apple cider vinegar

DIY Toner Tonic Method

1. Fill your spray bottle with water
2. For every 25ml add 10 drops of base oil and 5 drops of essential oil
3. Shake the toner well before each and every use
4. Apply with a washable cotton pad or spritz all over your face and neck.

A Simple Homemade DIY Facial Toner

Tea tree oil toners are great for treating spots and even acne as it has antibacterial, antiseptic, and antimicrobial properties. This toner is quite potent, if you have sensitive skin or would prefer a milder treatment simply halve the amount of essential oils used. If you find tea tree oil a little harsh or it irritates your skin, you could easily adapt this recipe to suit you better. Swap out the tea tree oil with your favourite alternative or even a facial oil. I especially like rosehip oil, which is a lot gentler on your skin. If you'd rather avoid essential oils altogether, try blending steeped green tea with sweet almond oil for a gentle toner.

Do you currently use a toner as part of your routine?
Is this DIY something you’d like to try?

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A Simple Homemade DIY Facial Toner