Second Hand Shopping For A Minimal Wardrobe

Despite being an utter convert to the 5 piece wardrobe concept, my wardrobe is allowed to bloom (unrestricted) with the help of second hand shopping. It's my only exception to the rules and one I feel 100% justified about.

The benefits of second hand shopping:

1. Low cost | Entire outfits for under £10, enough said.
2. Local support | The local community and its charities benefit greatly from second hand shoppers.
3. Eco-friendly | Second hand shopping is pretty much the only environmentally friendly way to shop for clothing.
4. High quality | Vintage clothing is constructed to a higher standard and made from higher quality materials.
5. Unique options | Highstreet clothing all looks the same, which can't be said for second hand shops.

But there are some rules and handy tips for second hand shopping that are worth sticking to.

- Know what you want. Having a general idea of what you want to add to your wardrobe is advisable.
- Give things a chance. Be willing to try things on and experiment to see if you can make something work.
- Know what you will and won't find. After a while you get to know what you will and won't find.
- Patience. If you're looking for something super specific be prepared to wait it out.
- Be willing to modify. If you're willing to modify clothes you unlock a whole 'nother level of shopping.
- Ignore sizing. Vintage clothing runs smaller; don't ignore larger sizes because you think they won't fit.
- Shop unisex. There are gems to be found in the rails of the opposite sex.
- Check labels. Material matters; check labels and make note of the materials used and how to care for them.
- Feel everything. After a while you will start to identify high quality clothing simply by touching them.
- Take your time, don't rush but don't dawdled either. Learn to be quick and efficient.
- Don't overpay. The money may be going to charity but it's still second hand clothing.
- Avoid "vintage clothing" and antique stores. They are always exorbitantly expensive.
- Visit regularly and change up the days you visit.
- Be prepared to leave empty handed. Some days you won't find anything at all.. in fact, most days you probably won't.
- Don't buy highstreet clothing. Vintage clothing is made with better quality materials to a higher standard.
- Ask. If you're looking for something specific, ask since staff are usually friendly and accommodating.