Developing Personal Style

May 16, 2014

Developing Personal Style

Once you have figured out what constitutes your basic wardrobe and the five steps you need to take in order to achieve a more minimal wardrobe, it's time to define personal style and develop a signature look. Developing personal style and building a wardrobe from it makes well put together outfits as easy as plucking them off the hanger. Every item ultimately works together in a mix and match style to create numerous well defined, effortlessly achieved looks.

1. Define your style - Learn which cuts suit your shape and what you feel most comfortable wearing.
2. Develop a signature look - Identify the functional and aesthetic essential items that perfectly represent your style.
3. Choose your colour palette - Boundaries help control and define, creating a more powerful look.
4. Structure your wardrobe - Make sure every item can be mixed and matched in some way.
5. Create outfits - Identify what works (and what doesn't) and make note of what is lacking.
6. Organise your wardrobe - Make certain every item is easy to identify and accessible.
7. Streamline your routine - Make life easier for yourself; fewer, more stylish outfits within easy reach.

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