The Art of Packing

June 02, 2014

Packing for a two week vacation abroad is one thing but packing for a five day city break is quite another. I have never been great at packing light; I have mastered the art of rolling not folding one's clothes yet quite how much I roll is another matter entirely. I remain over eager to cram as many outfits into one suitcase as possible just in case. I am slowly getting better and these few tips help make things that little bit easier.

1. Pick a colour palette | Clothing that works together provides more options
2. Dark clothes, bright accessories | If you get stains on a light piece you have lost part of an outfit
3. Stick to trusted outfits | This is not the time to try new styles or clothes you do not usually wear
4. Accessories are the key | They change everything
5. Pick fabrics carefully | Do not pack items that will crease during travel
6. Plan core outfits | Know exactly what works together and how to change them up with accessories
7. Travel clothes | Dedicate one comfortable outfit for travelling there and back

- Know your holiday plans and work core outfits and accessories around them
- Make sure you have one bag that works with everything
- Ditch the heels and stick to smart-casual shoes that work for day or night
- Minimise make-up to one of each essential product (except lipstick)
- Roll, do not fold, your clothes (excluding shirts) - Always pack your swimsuit

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  1. I was never much of a traveller but last few months taught me so much. I had to pack for 4 months and now, when they passed, I can see all the mistakes not just of my packing but also of my closet.
    Rolling definitely works, unless it's trench coat - for some reason, it ended up completely creased. But my best experinece is - basics, basics, basics. Don't bring the awesomely awesome (something)even though you might wear it at home. For 4 months, there is no space for such a things.

    I totally agree with every of your steps. Packing is a mess.

  2. That jumper is adorable, is it vintage or where dd you pick it up?

  3. Really need to start rolling my clothes when packing, as I always get creased clothes when I open my suitcase and that's annoying. (I love that pink shirt!).

    x Giada | Miel Café

  4. Marian6/02/2014

    Amen to "Always pack your swimswuit"! I have been travelling quite frequently for the last year and always forget it. After mastering the rolling technique, now I need to do something about choosing my toiletries wisely!

  5. Lauren S6/02/2014

    such essential tips i love packing tips - bit nerdy and organised over here ! some i wouldn't have thought of like the colour palette which is so obvious but i never do. Enjoy your vacation :)

    Lauren x

    Please nominate my blog for Best Lifestyle Blog and Newcomer here !

    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography -

  6. I love that jumper/blouse pairing! Love these packing tips, especially rolling clothes and always bringing a swimsuit.

  7. Amber Hunter6/02/2014

    I always roll my clothes! It really does make packing much easier. I'm normally pretty good at packing light except this one cruise I went on over winter break, I packed wayyy too much makeup. I tried to justify it with the "always have to be prepared" motto though I knew I still didn't need it all haha.
    Amber | Lovely Notions

  8. I think I'm finally close to mastering packing. The last time I went away was back in October 2013 when I went to London for two weeks. Believe it or not, I didn't even bring a suitcase with me! I just threw everything into a Nike gym bag and carried it onto the plane with me. I made sure I had enough underwear and socks, obviously, but other than that I just packed very sparingly.

    You don't need as much as you think you do when going on vacation, trust me.

  9. Rebecca6/03/2014

    i'm obsessed with that pinafore...and great tips!
    Rebecca @

  10. This will come in useful when I travel for work later this month. I'm going to a 2-day meeting, and so far, I have one black dress I plan to bring. Sophie, can you recommend a business casual outfit that's professional but relaxed and doesn't stand out too much? I'm wondering if a black relaxed leg trouser would be appropriate.


  11. mangosmangos6/04/2014

    Lol that dress/ shirt combo looks exactly like old Soviet school uniforms for girls (except nicer obvs).

  12. Haha, yeahh.. I can see that.

  13. I don't ever wear trousers.. ever.. so I would go with a classic black dress in whatever shape suits you or you feel most comfortable in but I think relaxed leg trousers would totally work. You could wear it with a white shirt and matching back jacket. I would usually dress that up or down depending on the occasion; for the meeting I would wear classic brogues with smart bag and a colourful scarf I can remove.

    I'm not sure if that was very useful, sorry! :))

  14. It's super pretty and SO COMFORTABLE

  15. I really packed sparingly for my short break and I work everything except one shirt (which I only took as a "back up") so I think I did rather well :))

  16. Make-up is my downfall too! I try to cram everything in.. and really I don't need more than two blushers MAX, especially for a week. For this break I took minimal make-up and it was so much easier, I didn't miss anything I left behind.

  17. Glad you enjoyed the tips! :))

  18. I think the colour palette is the most important, to be honest. I dress in a monochrome wardrobe so I don't really have to think about it but for anyone who LOVES colour it's an easy way to prevent over packing.

  19. Haha, YES! People think I am mad because I bring it EVERYWHERE, even the most ridiculous places.. just in case. I never want to miss an opportunity to go swimming.

  20. It totally works - trust me! :))

  21. The camel coloured one? It's a cropped jacket and yes, it's vintage :))

  22. Some things just won't roll, they're too bulky or oddly shaped. I just lay those on top; layering is super useful too. I make sure I keep my toiletries away from my clothes by separating them with towels.

  23. It was! Thanks for the shoe idea!


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