The Art of Packing

Packing for a two week vacation abroad is one thing but packing for a five day city break is quite another. I have never been great at packing light; I have mastered the art of rolling not folding one's clothes yet quite how much I roll is another matter entirely. I remain over eager to cram as many outfits into one suitcase as possible just in case. I am slowly getting better and these few tips help make things that little bit easier.

1. Pick a colour palette | Clothing that works together provides more options
2. Dark clothes, bright accessories | If you get stains on a light piece you have lost part of an outfit
3. Stick to trusted outfits | This is not the time to try new styles or clothes you do not usually wear
4. Accessories are the key | They change everything
5. Pick fabrics carefully | Do not pack items that will crease during travel
6. Plan core outfits | Know exactly what works together and how to change them up with accessories
7. Travel clothes | Dedicate one comfortable outfit for travelling there and back

- Know your holiday plans and work core outfits and accessories around them
- Make sure you have one bag that works with everything
- Ditch the heels and stick to smart-casual shoes that work for day or night
- Minimise make-up to one of each essential product (except lipstick)
- Roll, do not fold, your clothes (excluding shirts) - Always pack your swimsuit