A Dog-Friendly Guide to Canterbury, Kent

A Dog-Friendly Guide to Canterbury, Kent

Nestled in the heart of Kent is the medieval city of Canterbury, a place rich with historic landmarks and some of the oldest buildings in England. The city is best known for its impressive cathedral, where well-behaved dogs are now allowed inside!

Canterbury's ancient cobbled streets wind through the city's well-preserved Tudor architecture, over ancient city walls build by the Romans, and through picturesque pleasure gardens dating back to the Middle Ages.

While the city may not match the dog-friendliness of nearby coastal villages like Whitstable, Margate, and Broadstairs, Canterbury is still generally quite dog-friendly and an enjoyable place to visit with your companion.

A Dog-Friendly Guide to Canterbury, Kent

What to Do in Canterbury, Kent

Parking in Canterbury can be expensive and difficult to find all year round. Dogs are allowed on the Park and Ride buses, making it a convenient and practical choice for visitors wanting to explore the city without the hassle of having to find somewhere to park. To catch a Park and Ride bus costs just £4 per day, per car with up to 6 passengers.

Discover the City's Historic Sites

Visiting Canterbury is like stepping back in time. The city's rich history is unmistakable and many of its iconic landmarks are dog-friendly. Begin your adventure by walking along the city walls, originally constructed by the Romans. Navigate the charming cobbled streets, passing by the Roman Museum, until you reach the magnificent Canterbury Cathedral. You can now bring well-behaved dogs inside Canterbury Cathedral, not just in the scenic grounds. Just make sure to keep your dog close and on a short lead while visiting this historic site. Afterwards, continue your stroll towards The Beaney House of Art and Knowledge, and onto the impressive Westgate Towers.

Wander the Medieval Streets

Off the lively high street, away from the bustling crowds, Canterbury's narrow cobblestone lanes are lined with independent shops, cosy cafes, and welcoming pubs. Many of these are dog-friendly with water bowls and treats available to canine visitors. Shop at The Goods Shed—a farmers' market and food hall—or enjoy a quiet browse in for a quiet browse in Catching Lives—Canterbury's famous crooked bookshop.

A Dog-Friendly Guide to Canterbury, Kent

Take a River Tour

Experience Canterbury from a different perspective with a historic river tour along the River Stour. Several boat companies offer dog-friendly tours, providing a way for you and your companion to enjoy the picturesque surroundings of the city from the water. Glide past historic buildings and hidden gardens while learning about Canterbury's rich history from the knowledgeable tour guides.

Visit the Gardens

Canterbury has several beautiful heritage gardens that are perfect for a relaxing day out with your dog. Located near the top of the high street is Dane John Gardens, a historic park offering stunning views of Canterbury's skyline. While the Westgate Gardens, situated along the River Stour, offer vibrant flowerbeds and riverside paths in its pleasure gardens, ideal for dog walkers and nature lovers alike.

Enjoy Nature Walks

The Great Stour Way is a scenic riverside path that stretches from Canterbury to Chartham. This well-maintained trail is perfect for a long, leisurely walk with your dog, providing stunning views of the countryside and convenient access points to the river for wild swimming. Just a short drive from the city centre, you'll find the Kent Downs and Blean Woods Nature Reserve, both have dog-friendly trails that snake through ancient woodlands.

A Dog-Friendly Guide to Canterbury, Kent

Where to Drink in Canterbury, Kent

Whether you're looking to unwind with a pint or order a speciality coffee, Canterbury has plenty of dog-friendly places to drink with your companion. From historic pubs to cosy bars to lively microbreweries, these pet-friendly establishments provide a comfortable spot for both you and your dog to relax and refresh.

A Dog-Friendly Guide to Canterbury, Kent

Where to Eat in Canterbury, Kent

Canterbury boasts a variety of dog-friendly cafes and restaurants, ensuring you and your companion can enjoy a meal together. From a quick brunch or a hearty meal, these spots serve plenty of delicious vegan options.

A Dog-Friendly Guide to Canterbury, Kent

Where to Shop in Canterbury, Kent

Canterbury has a few dog-friendly shops where your dog is welcome to join you as you browse. Whether you're shopping for local crafts, browsing vintage clothing, or exploring specialty foods, there are several places in Canterbury that extend a warm welcome to dogs.

A Dog-Friendly Guide to Canterbury, Kent

Where to Stay in Canterbury, Kent

Choosing the right accommodation is essential to ensure a comfortable stay for both you and your dog. Canterbury has a range of dog-friendly accommodation, ranging from luxurious hotels to cosy cottages.