Tackling Long-Haul Flights

Long-haul flights can be intimidating for infrequent flyers and the fear of jet lag is all too real, I should know, I'm an infrequent (slightly nervous) flyer and a terrible grouch when I don't get enough sleep.

Pick a good seat | which means one of the aisle seats in the middle row*
Change the time | immediately switch your timepieces to match the country of your destination
Eating | eat light before the flight and skip the meal service to beat jet lag
Bathroom break | use it in the middle of meal service, don't wait until after when everyone will get up to go
Move about | get up, stretch, walk around (try to avoid annoying everyone)
Don't drink alcohol | it's dehydrating and the effects are amplified in a pressurized cabin
Do drink water | stay hydrated
Sleep | limit light and sound by wearing an eye mask and using earplugs

* I know, I know; everyone knows the window seat is the best seat but it's not a good seat.
An aisle position allows you to leave your seat whenever you need/want to without having to awkwardly ask everyone to move.

Beat Jet Lag
- make sure you're fully rested before you fly
- change your sleep routine the days before you travel
- try to book a flight with a late arrival time (it's easier to go to bed late than wake up early)
- immediately change your time settings to your destination while en route
- stay hydrated while travelling
- try to get as much sleep as you normally would in 24 hours (nap if you need to)
- "anchor sleep"; get at least four hours’ sleep during the local night
- keep moving during the day, once you rest it's game over