Hand Luggage Only

I think I can safely say, I've nailed the art of packing. It’s rare I over pack and I can happily survive with the basics when it comes to make-up and skin care. However, this time we're flying to Germany for a week.. with hand luggage only. This is going to be the real challenge of my “pack light” mantra. Airlines are really putting a squeeze on the amount of hand luggage you can take aboard; it’s going to be a case of bare necessities and getting creative outfit combination.

Here’s what I'm squeezing into one carry on bag:

Hand Luggage Only

This is a casual holiday, we're not planning anything that might require formal attire and Germany usually has super lovely weather at this time of year, so I'm packing casual items. I'm taking a simple black maxi dresses, a smart-casual black midi dresses, an oversized shirt dress plus a smock dress for travelling in. I'm only packing one additional plain black cardigan and some tights in anticipation of cold days.

I feel it's sensible to take my raincoat instead of a "proper" coat since I'm probably only going to need it if the weather gets really rainy. I'm also only taking one pair of shoes - my Polley Dr. Martens - because they match with every clothing item I own and they're comfortable to spend all day in. I'm expecting the weather to be on the warm side and since I'm only taking one pair of chunky shoes, I've got to take socks for comfort that also add a little extra to outfits.

Finally, my Kanken mini will carry everything for day trips. It works with all my outfit combinations and is more useful than a handbag ever would be on a trip like this.

Hand Luggage Only

Picking make-up is easy; It's silly to pack a ton of beauty products for a holiday so I'm sticking with a stripped down, new-and-improved version of my personal cult classics.

My absolute favourite base combination is the Shu Uemura Stage Performer BB Perfector and Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation - pretty much the only two make-up brands that provide suitable coverage for my skin tone. These two have super long wear times, as does the Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Eyeliner and Shu Uemura Petal Mascara, which makes them perfect for holidays.

I don't want to be fussing over my make-up on a trip, so I like to pack beauty products I'm familiar with and are pretty much fuss-free. Even though the Chanel Illusion D'Ombre Eyeshadow is a recent purchase, I've worn it pretty much every day because of how easy and quick it is to apply.

Hand Luggage Only

I'm taking the Smashbox Full Exposure Travel Palette out of neccessity not love; I bought it in New York and haven't touched it much since bringing it home. I'm really only taking this because the palette is teeny tiny making it perfect for travel. Although some of the colours look really lovely, the powders are a little tough to work with. I find the colour pay off is disappointing, the shimmery shades have chunks of glitter in them, and I need to really work to blend the shades in. But the four neutral shades are its saving grace; there are shades in this palette I can use for filling in my eyebrows and creating a smokey eye.

I'm not entirely sure whether to pack the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade or not. It's a fantastic product but a little fussy since the brush you use to apply it needs to be washed after each use. The Smashbox palette has shades I could use to fill in my brows so the Dipbrow might end up getting left behind..

The Hourglass Ethereal Glow Ambient Lighting Blush is an incredibly light baby pink shade that gives only the slightest hint of colour to the cheeks, but it also contains swirls of highlighter making it a versatile product to take on holiday. I don't want to pack a blusher and a highlighter, so this is my compromise.

Finally, the lipsticks. I'm taking NARS Anita* which is a gorgeous dusky pink shade that is subtle and comfortable on the lips. I'm also packing two easy to wear tinted Fresh Sugar Lip Balms in Berry and Cherry.

Hand Luggage Only

Just like with my make-up choices, I've kept my skin care stripped back and streamlined, but since I'm restricted when it comes to flying with liquids, I'm taking new products to try.

Yes I'm packing make-up wipes. I haven't used these in absolutely years and I don't really like to leave my usual skin care products at home but let's face it, hand luggage + bottles of skin care = a whole mess if that stuff explodes. So I'm leaving my usual cleansers at home and switching them out for something a little more practical. The DHC Make Off Sheets got pretty good reviews so I'm taking a chance on them. The packaging is incredibly appealing for a hand luggage situation - sturdy and airtight. I've tested these out already because I didn't want to risk a break out while I was away and I've got to say, they're surprisingly good. Obviously these aren't something I would use regularly when at home, but for travelling they're ideal.

I picked up a First Aid Beauty Kit that contain miniatures that are just the right size to travel with. Again, I tested these products before taking them with me and I'm enjoying using them. The First Aid Face Cleanser smells very fresh and clean, doesn't strip the skin or leave it feeling dry and the First Aid Ultra Repair Cream really nourishes and soothes. I would definitely use both of these when I'm both at home and away travelling.