Easy To Keep Houseplants

Easy To Keep House Plants

Plants are absolutely my favourite way of decorating an apartment; I have dozens of them littering the windowsills and bookshelves, I regularly have to move everything around just to fit them all in. While I love succulents and have more of these than any other type of plant, I prefer the big ones that really make an impression. The aloe vera that sprawls over the top of the bookshelf, the cheese plant bursting out of its pot, and the snake plant with it’s huge spear-like leaves. I'm currently preoccupied with the more remarkable plants such as the marimo, which is a simple moss ball that bobs in a mason jar and air plants, which are odd little things that are happy to live anywhere you put them.

I’m not the most green fingered person but I’m learning. I have started (tentatively) to propagate succulents and I’m slowing learning more and more about how to care for a range of house plants. I’ve been taught several lessons at the expense of a few casualties, so I’m not going to give you any advice for caring for your plants but I can give a few recommendations on which ones to bring into your own home.

Easy To Keep House Plants

Air Plants

Even easier to look after than succulents these little ones are peculiarly cute and I've become fascinated with them. You can keep them in glass jars, on driftwood, on gravel or sand, in flower pots, or you can simply drop them on your shelf and leave them be.


Easy to care for, pretty to look at; they enjoy bright environments with a lot of sunlight and a little water. They prefer living outside and being a little cramped, so a hot windowsill in the sunshine will suit them just fine. There are so many types of succulents available, my favourites are the aloe vera, jade plant, and string of pearls.


Contrary to popular belief, orchids are easy to look after. They’re quite ugly when they’re not in flower - they look like a bare stick with odd roots furling upwards - so if you think your orchid is dead, it probably isn’t. Water regularly, keep in a humid spot out of direct sunlight, and they’ll grow just fine.

Snake Plant, Cheese Plant, and Yucca Plant

All three of these require a lot more room than the others; they can grow up to 10ft tall, which makes them a real focal point of any room. They’re pretty easy to look after with just a little more attention to environment required. I move these around my apartment more than any of the other plants, just to make sure they’re getting enough space and sunlight.


Maybe this is silly but I love growing herbs, they're pretty, edible, and usually easy to keep - what’s not to love? Although some herbs don't fair too well in apartments, our basil plant is an absolute monster and just keeps on growing.