7 Must-Visit Locations in 2016

7 Must-Visit Locations in 2016

From the beauty of America’s National Parks to the rich culture of Rajasthan in India, I have been searching for some of the most wondrous locations to visit in 2016. Here are seven locations that are so awe-inspiring, they should be on your must-visit travel list for this year.

Ilulissat, Greenland

Ilulissat is the Kalaallisut word for “Icebergs” and the city, which is the third largest in Greenland, is next to the Ilulissat Icefjord a UNESCO World Heritage Site, home to gigantic icebergs from the most productive glacier in the northern hemisphere. City museums, dog sledding, hiking in the hills, and the beauty of the icebergs make Ilulissat a popular destination for travellers looking for something a little different.

Tokyo, Japan

Everything about Tokyo makes it one the must-visit places in the world. Peaceful temples, shrines, and Zen gardens can be discovered amongst the bustling city streets full of sidewalk vending machines, gatchapon machines, and curiously themed restaurants. Enjoy the unique cuisine, ride the bullet train, and check out the street style while people watching at the multipurpose train stations; Tokyo is a city like no other.

Rome, Italy

Rome is steeped in history spanning across more than two and a half thousand years. Important for its archaeological research, Rome has many museums and galleries boasting a vast collection of art, sculpture, fountains, mosaics, frescos, and paintings. Wander through the streets to view some of the world’s most beautiful architecture while taking in the beauty of Rome’s panoramic views of its majestic villas.

Yosemite National Park, USA

The Yosemite National Park is over 747 acres, which reach across the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountains and supports a diverse ecosystem of plants and animals including 160 rare plants, rare local geologic formations and unique soils. Short nature walks among the sequoias, long hikes to the Yosemite Valley waterfalls, and horseback riding in the wilderness make visiting the Yosemite National Park a breathtaking paradise.

Rajasthan, India

Rajasthan - “Land of Kings” - is famous for its extravagant palaces, beautiful lakes, desert forts, carved temples, and decorated havelis. The national parks and wildlife sanctuaries are famous worldwide for their tiger population making Rajasthan a popular destination for photographers and wildlife enthusiasts. The painted houses of the three major cities - Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Jaisalmer - are distinguished by their painted facades and palaces. The land is beautiful and vibrant, rich in heritage and interesting culture, making Rajasthan one of the world’s most enthralling destinations.

Porto, Portugal

Porto is a beautifully romantic city with dreamlike medieval buildings, bell towers, baroque churches, old storefronts, and narrow lanes. While some areas are decaying with dilapidated and crumbling buildings, there is a remarkable charm to the city with its breathtaking port, cobblestone streets, and graffitied walls.

Eastern Fjords, Iceland

The Eastern Fjords reveal a striking landscape of twisted coastline; a magical place with jade-coloured lakes, rhyolite mountains, ice caves, glaciers, ice caps, and wetlands. The beautiful sweeping view of the picturesque natural harbours, fishing villages, and endless roads provide a dream-like destination for travellers in search of the most spectacular experience.