A Minimal 50 Piece Wardrobe

A Minimal 50 Piece Wardrobe

The aim of a minimal wardrobe is to always be focused on creating a functional, intentional selection of versatile, well-made and well-fitting clothes. This is all about weeding out clothes that are never worn, keeping those that make us feel confident and comfortable, and reducing our future spending through enjoying what we have.

I don’t believe a minimal wardrobe should be built with an arbitrary number in mind; the right number of clothes differs from person to person depending on the life they lead and the style they enjoy. It wasn’t too long ago I catalogued everything I own and realised I had far more than I expected. I did yet another cleanse, weeded out the excess, and found new homes for the unwanted clothing. What remains comes in at just under 50 pieces; I didn't pick a number and then minimise my wardrobe until I hit it.

For various reasons I am not including accessories, bags, activewear, or lingerie. I have a very minimal selection for each and didn't feel it necessary to edit them down even further. There are a few pieces in my wardrobe I’m not ready to make drastic decisions about before we’ve seen winter through. I’m giving myself the transitional period between seasons to see whether I wear them. I don’t see the point in getting rid of things for the sake of it, if I like something, use it regularly and it suits my lifestyle, it’s staying - at least for now.

A Minimal 50 Piece Wardrobe

9 x Jackets & Coats

· All Saints Nahara Trench
· Vintage St Michael Coat
· COS Swing Coat (similar)
· ARV Elin Coat*
· Great Plains Blenheim Coat*
· Elizabeth Suzann Diane Trench*
· Everlane Swing Trench*
· Monki Cowl Neck Jacket
· Vintage Velvet Jacket

A Minimal 50 Piece Wardrobe

7 x Cardigans & Jumpers

· Vintage Burgundy Cardigan
· Wolford Waves Cardigan
· Tough Luck Jumper
· Everlane Crew Sweatshirt*
· The Whitepepper Onigiri Jumper
· Monki Cropped Jumper
· Principles Patterned Blazer

A Minimal 50 Piece Wardrobe

19 x Dresses

· COS Pleated Back Dress
· COS Waist Tie Dress
· Everlane Poplin Shirt Dress*
· Tricotage Dot Print Dress*
· Ivana Helsinki Patterned Dress
· Ivana Helsinki Button Dress
· Only Child Emerson Dress*
· Biba Beaded Dress*
· Joanna Hope Jersey Dress
· JD Williams Linen Mix Dress*
· The Whitepepper Navy Dress
· The Whitepepper Frilled Dress
· Monki Sequinned Dress
· Monki Long Sleeve Shirt Dress
· Monki Shirt Dress
· Monki Tunic
· Monki Maxi Dress
· Monki Turtleneck Sweater Dress
· M&S Cowl Neck Sweater Dress

A Minimal 50 Piece Wardrobe

5 x Tops & Shirts

· COS Navy Top
· Only Child Oversized Top*
· COS Oversized Shirt
· Vintage Button Up Shirt

2 x Skirts

· Vintage Navy Pleated Skirt
· Fabrice Karel Fitted Skirt

A Minimal 50 Piece Wardrobe

8 x Shoes

· Birkenstocks
· Monki Flat Strap Sandals
· Everlane Modern Oxfords*
· Sseko Lalibella Loafers*
· Dr Marten Polley Shoes
· Monki Chelsea Boots
· ASOS Pointed Flats
· Kurt Geiger Wedges

Now I have reduced my clothes to a manageable level, I’m looking to implement a few rules to help continue the process and upkeep of a minimal wardrobe.

One In, One Out

This might be tough; I know I may have a couple new pieces arriving in my wardrobe soon and picking what to let go of is going be tough. I feel my wardrobe is hovering around just the right amount of clothes so I really need to come to terms with frequent editing to eliminate items I don't wear as much as I should.

Shop Ethically From Independents

I can see this being a slow process since finding ethical independents with a minimal style in the UK can be a struggle. I’m still learning about fashion and discovering brands that align with my style aesthetically as well as ethically. I’ve found plenty of US brands whose style is to die for, it’s the import and custom fees that kill it for me.

Edit and Define

I want to keep on top of my wardrobe by making sure I’m editing what I own and defining my style. Since I’m still clarifying and shaping my style, there will be times where I introduce something new to my wardrobe or edit something out. By consistently reevaluating what I own and whether I need it, I’m hoping to maintain a fulfilling, versatile wardrobe and avoid excess.