A Weekend Travel Capsule For Kent

January 30, 2017

What's In My Weekend Travel Bag

After a simplified Christmas, our seasonal celebrations spilled over into the New Year with a cold-weather trip 200 miles to Kent for a long weekend on the coast with my parents.

When going away for a weekend I like to cram pack carefully and travel light; I squeeze only the very essentials into a single backpack. Aside from the nine items listed below, I packed a small beauty bag with a minimal collection of make-up; since giving up wearing foundation I can travel even lighter. I also threw in the obvious: a couple pairs of tights, lingerie, and, of course, electronics including my Kobo Aura H2O.

It was a relaxed trip so I could keep my wardrobe compact and fuss-free; where we stayed is right on the coast, it's blustery, often rainy, and cold. I wanted a capsule wardrobe that would cover all bases with enough for layers to be piled on when we go outdoors and peeled off when in the warm.

What's In My Weekend Travel Bag

1. Great Plains Collar Coat / 2. Long Sleeve Dress / 3. Everlane Silk Tank Dress (second hand)
4. Vintage Velvet Dress / 5. Betty Jackson.Black Oversized Cardigan (second hand) / 6. People Tree Roll Neck Jumper
7. Dr.Martens 1461 Vegan Shoes / 8. Matt & Nat Chubby Wallet / 9. Fulton Minilite Umbrella

What's In My Weekend Travel Bag

More photographs from this trip coming soon!

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