Simple Living Things To Do In 2017

Simple Living Things To Do In 2017

Declutter and Deep Clean

Even if it’s one item (or drawer, or room) per day, start decluttering your space and start to embrace a little minimalism into your daily life. While you’re getting rid of things which do not add value to your life, take the opportunity to deep clean your space for a fresh start.

Use Up The Products You Already Own

Make the decision to finish any products (especially half empty bottles, packets, and samples) you own before buying new ones. In particular this applies to make up, skin care, and other beauty products; it can also apply to cleaning products, ingredients, and other perishable items.

Buy Less, Choose Well, Make It Last

Adopt this motto for every aspect of your life. Start by not buying additional clothes or belongings; focus on buying less, identifying quality, taking care of and repairing items when they show signs of wear and tear.

Sit Less, Move More

Create healthy routines that introduce movement into your daily life. Spend more time outside, walk around, stretch, get out in the sunshine - your body will thank you for it.

Make Better Choices

The products we choose to buy can greatly affect our environment; start making better choices by switching to environmentally friendly, cruelty-free supplies including household cleaning products and beauty supplies. Switching to green household products will save you money and reduce the impact your life has on our planet.

Eat More, Mostly Plants

Focus on a healthy and educated attitude towards food; make time to cook from scratch or, if you can’t cook, learn some basic recipes. Cook in bulk so you have healthy meals for the rest of the week. Nourish your body. Recommended reading: Food Rules by Michael Pollan.

Focus On Self-Improvement and Self-Care

Be kind to yourself; invest time in self-care and self-improvement. Eat good food, get more sleep, read books, go on adventures, and focus on you because you are worthy of that investment.

Improve Personal Finances

Whatever your circumstances: reducing debt, building savings, and creating an emergency fund is always good advice. Focus on knocking down any debt you may have accumulated and creating a buffer in the form of savings and an emergency fund to cover any emergencies will make you feel more comfortable and secure with your personal finances.

Reduce Drama and Temptation

Remove yourself from negative influences and sources of drama; unsubscribe from mailing lists and unfollow people, blogs, and accounts that make you feel negative, tempt you to “hate read,” or encourage you to purchase things you don’t need.

Take Up A (Gentle) Hobby

This hobby must come with no strings attached and no pressure. Pick something you enjoy doing that isn’t connected to making money and has no obligations of duty. Pick a gentle hobby that requires little investment both in time and money; enjoy doing something for the sheer joy of it.

Focus On Intentions

Each day remind yourself of your values and intentions, and what your vision for your life looks like. Whenever you’re faced with a choice, ask yourself “Does this add value to my life? Does this take me closer to the vision I have for my life or further away?"

Simple Living Things To Do In 2017