Style Inspiration: Christmas Outfit Ideas 2023

Style Inspiration: Christmas Outfit Ideas 2023

Deciding what to wear for Christmas isn't easy. The big day looks very different for everyone and while some might revel in the chance to spend their time lounging on the sofa, there are those who plan to party all night!

Whether it's a long hike, late night, or lazy afternoon, traditional Christmas attire typically features bright colours and gaudy accessories. If ugly sweaters, novelty socks, and Santa hats aren't your style, there's a way to embrace the festive season without sacrificing your personal style.

This is what to wear for Christmas Day with outfit inspiration and styling suggestions using clothes and accessories you probably already own.

What outfit to wear on Christmas Day?

Deciding what to wear on Christmas Day depends on what your plans are. From lounging on the sofa, lunching with friends, or attending a dinner party; the key is to strike a balance between style, comfort, and appropriateness for the occasion.

Casual family gatherings require a cosy outfit, perhaps with a novelty sweater, jeans or even sweatpants. Festive socks and slippers with playful jewellery will add a touch of seasonal charm.

For a formal dinner or party with friends, something more stylish is called for. A dress or jumpsuit, blouse with skirt or trousers, or suit paired with smart shoes and statement jewellery.

If a walk is planned on Christmas Day, dressing appropriately for the weather will be crucial. Layer up with thick knitwear, a rainproof jacket, comfortable shoes, and festive accessories.

What colour is best to wear on Christmas Day?

The best colours to wear on Christmas Day are red, green, white, and gold to match the traditional colour palette associated with the holiday season. From wearing all one colour to adding seasonal accessories, incorporating any of these colours is the easiest way to look festive with very little effort.

If the traditional Christmas colours don't quite match with your wardrobe colour palette, try adding festive shades to an outfit using accessories like a hat, scarf, or bag, and fun statement jewellery, such as enamel charms or nature-inspired pendants.

Style Inspiration: Christmas Outfit Ideas 2023

Christmas Day Outfit Inspiration

While red, green, white, and gold all feature prominently in traditional Christmas outfits, whether it's with a gaudy novelty jumper, a showstopping velvet gown, or a hint of colour added using accessories. There's a way to wear festive colours in a way that won't push you too far outside of your comfort zone.

Finding the perfect Christmas Day outfit is all about embracing the joy of the season while still expressing your individual style. From sophisticated festive looks to something more gaudy and fun, creating a style mood board will make finding outfits to recreate so much easier.

For Christmas Day outfit ideas, draw inspiration from the festive spirit and traditional colours associated with the holiday season that resonate with your personal style. Whether you want to go all in with the Christmas glitz and glam or prefer a more toned down alternative, look for outfits that not only reflect your outfit preferences but pay homage to the festive spirit.

Pinterest is a valuable resource for creating mood boards while TikTok makes it easy to search for outfit inspiration to save to collections. By saving style inspiration you can identify specific seasonal elements that resonate with you, helping you to create a Christmas outfit in-keeping with your personal style.

Style Inspiration: Christmas Outfit Ideas 2023

What to Wear on Christmas Day

When it comes to festive outfit inspiration, these Christmas outfits are less about staying indoors with family and more about going out to celebrate with friends. Planning an outfit is much more fun when there's a party to go to than spending the day lounging on the sofa.

The best thing about having a capsule wardrobe is that it's packed with hardworking pieces that can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion, and Christmas Day is no exception. I've put together Christmas Day outfit ideas using my existing capsule wardrobe to show you don't need to buy a new outfit every year!

I prefer to keep an outfits simple and to add playful details to make them more fun. That way I don't end up with anything in my wardrobe that I can only wear once or twice a year. Novelty jumpers aren't really my style but they might be yours. If so, don't be afraid of going all in for the holiday celebrations—it only happens once a year after all!

Here are a few suggestions on how to style Christmas outfits with ideas of what to wear for Christmas Day if you want to celebrate the season through style without having to buy anything new!

Monochrome Outfits

The easiest way to style a Christmas outfit is to use a monochromatic colour palette inspired by the holiday season. Choose a single shade, such as red, green, gold, or white, and build an outfit around it. This styling approach will create a sophisticated outfit that can be dressed up or down depending on what the plans are for the big day.

Playful Accessories

Embrace the whimsy side of the season by incorporating playful patterns and fun accessories into Christmas outfits. Vintage sweaters with classic holiday motifs, nature-inspired jewellery, and accessories in seasonal colours are an easy way to add fun details without sacrificing personal style. These subtle yet impactful touches will transform a simple outfit into a festive look.

Bright Accents

If a monochromatic outfit looks too boring, add colourful accents to make it feel more festive. Take a classic monochrome base, such as a little black dress or jumpsuit, and elevate it with cheerful accessories in vibrant colours. A matching bag and scarf in traditional Christmas colours or statement jewellery with fun charms will give a nod to the holiday vibe without overdoing it.