A Review of Briiv — The World's Most Sustainable Air Filter

Briiv Sustainable Air Filter

Comparing the Original Briiv Air Filter with the New Briiv Pro

With the rise of remote work, virtual meetings, and at-home activities, the amount of time spent indoors has significantly increased over the last few years. We've become an 'indoor nation' where our collective embrace of domestic life has made all of us acutely aware of how important having a comfortable home really is.

Beyond the desire for more space and less clutter, the growing concern for air quality has meant cleaner indoor air has now become a priority. Air purifiers have become a valuable tool, offering a way to create a healthier home environment and guard against allergens caused by everyday activities and household products.

Briiv proudly claims to be the 'world's most sustainable air filter' and their latest model, the Briiv Pro, launches in August 2024 with pre-orders available now. This review compares the original Briiv Air Filter with the Briiv Pro discussing all the updates and benefits of these sustainable air filters.

The Original Briiv Air Filter

The original Briiv Air Filter was the first of its kind. A modern air purification system made using 90% natural materials and designed to not only improve air quality but reduce plastic waste too. With its low power consumption and quiet operation, the Briiv Air Filter suits any living space, offering cleaner air without compromising on design.

Unlike traditional air purifiers, Briiv uses natural filters made from biodegradable materials that can be composted at home. Running the air filter effectively removes pollutants caused by everyday activities, such as cooking, burning candles, and household chores, alongside allergens or irritants from pollen and dust.

The Briiv Air Filter purifies the air by mimicking the benefits of a miniature forest at home. This tiny terrarium houses the equivalent of 3,043 medium-sized house plants that never need to be watered or pruned. The compact size of the Briiv Air Filter coupled with its beauty make it easy to place this minimalist air filter anywhere in the home—without ever looking out of place.

The Briiv Pro Air Filter

The latest innovation from Briiv is the Briiv Pro Air Filter. This second-generation model is built on years of testing and customer feedback with updates and improvements made to the airflow, sensors, and filter materials, driven by the latest technology.

Crafted from waste potato and rice husks, the Briiv Pro has natural filters made from dried moss and coconut husks—all completely biodegradable at home. The filters remove everything from pollen to pet dander to fine particulates to ensure the air is always clean and healthy. As a result, the Briiv Pro uses less traditional plastics than any other electronic product with the same amount of power. So not only does this model have more powerful features, it's more eco-friendly than ever before!

The introduction of a smart air monitoring system driven by AI is the biggest and most significant upgrade to the Briiv Pro's functionality. The Zone mode allows multiple Briiv units to link together, allowing manual control of air quality throughout the home, while the Canary mode autonomously senses poor air quality, turning the unit on whenever it's needed.


Just like the original Briiv Air Filter, the Briiv Pro has a stunning design that uses 90% natural materials. Except this new model comes with a giant leap in advanced features and an even bigger commitment to clean, sustainable living. With five international design awards, including the prestigious Red Dot Award and the A' Design Award, Briiv has solidified its position as the world's most advanced plant-powered air filter.

With its intelligent air monitoring system and unique AI machine learning algorithm, the Briiv Pro is an ideal choice for those seeking to create a safer home through effective air purification. Join the Kickstarter and secure your pre-order for the Briiv Pro today, and breathe in the promise of a cleaner, healthier indoor environment.