Breathe Easy During Allergy Season with Briiv

Breathe Easy During Allergy Season with Briiv

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For those with hay fever and seasonal allergies, summer can become difficult to enjoy. The sneezing, itchy eyes, and congestion can make the season hard to bear. While staying indoors might seem like an easy escape, our homes aren't safe from seasonal allergens.

Pollutants in the home are caused by everyday activities and household products. Pollen particles, dust mites, animal dander, and other irritants can easily make their way indoors, entering through open windows, on clothes, or via pets. These pollutants can cause or aggravate illnesses, cause skin issues, and trigger allergies.

The itchy eyes and sore throat caused by hayfever can make summer a misery. While it might not be possible to do anything about the pollen outdoors, it is possible to do something about it once inside! Thankfully there is a simple and effective solution that makes it possible to breathe easy and enjoy summertime to the fullest.

Part of creating a healthier home is about improving the indoor air quality, and using an air filter is one of the best ways to tackle seasonal allergies effectively. An air filter will help remove common household pollutants like cleaning products, pet dander, and smoke from candles. An air filter will also tackle outdoor allergens including dirt and pollen, providing cleaner, fresher air to breathe at home.

Breathe Easy During Allergy Season with Briiv

I've been using the Briiv Air Filter in my home office for over a year. This quiet little air purifier sits on my desk and works hard at effectively removing dirt, dust, and odours. Two things I've noticed it's exceptionally useful for is tackling pollen and pet dander!

Although I suffer with mild seasonal allergies, any amount of hay fever is too much. I've particularly noticed the benefit of running the air filter in my bedroom at night when my allergy symptoms often feel worse. It's helped to significantly reduce the amount of allergens circulating, resulting in less sneezing and better sleep.

Although tackling seasonal allergies is a top priority in summer; having a long-coated dog that loves spending time in nature means a lot of outdoor pollutants find their way into my home! The Briiv Air Filter has been invaluable for fighting everything from dirt, dust, and dander.

The Briiv Air Filter is compact and light making it easy to move from room to room because of that, I've been using it everywhere in my home—even in my studio!. Wherever it's placed, it fits right in thanks to its beautiful eco-friendly design. It's made using 90% renewable, sustainable, and biodegradable materials with four natural filters.

The Briiv Air Filter has proven itself to be a reliable defence against seasonal allergies as well as being a useful tool for combating household pollutants. Whether it's dirt and dust, or pollen and pet dander that is a concern; using a natural air filter is the eco-friendly way to improve the air quality at home.

The Briiv Air Filter was gifted to me back in January 2022 as part of a sponsored feature, and I was sent a replacement set of filters for this review. You can find out more about the air filter on the Briiv website.

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Breathe Easy During Allergy Season with Briiv Breathe Easy During Allergy Season with Briiv