Outfits to Wear All Summer Long

Outfits to Wear All Summer Long

Summer is a season that's difficult to dress for. Easy, effortless outfits are what makes the hot weather bearable but not everyone wants to wear shorts and a t-shirt or a floor-length maxi dress. So what do you wear in a heatwave when traditional summer attire doesn't appeal?

When it comes to dressing for hot weather—the simpler the outfit the better! It's all about embracing comfort without letting go of personal style. Whether you prefer a sundress or linen co-ord;,having an outfit formula you can rely on is essential for surviving the heat.

When you feel like you have nothing to wear on hot days, the knee-jerk reaction is to shop for a whole new wardrobe. But unless you know what clothes will make you feel good in the heat, chances are you won't end up with a better wardrobe.

More than 50m summer outfits are worn only once and then thrown away! So before you go shopping for new clothes, try making outfits from what you already own first. If you're stuck for ideas, look for style inspiration and recreate outfits that appeal. If there is something you're missing, thrift before buying new!

One way to streamline deciding what to wear on sticky summer mornings is to have a capsule wardrobe with ready-to-go outfit ideas. It takes all the guess-work out of getting ready with reliable outfits that will keep you comfortable all day long.

Having a summer capsule wardrobe with outfits that are cool enough to wear on repeat means it's possible to make seasonal clothing choices more comfort-centric without sacrificing personal style.

From lazy weekend outfits to dressed-up evenings, these are the feel-good outfits I wear all summer long using my existing wardrobe—plus a few extra thrifted pieces. They are simple to style and effortless to wear making them ideal for the summer sun.

It's really the accessories that make the difference. Choose the right everyday jewellery and bag, and these summer outfit can be worn anywhere.

Outfits to Wear All Summer Long

Linen Co-Ord + Sandals

A summer classic that works for basically any occasion: a linen co-ord. Simple, chic, and effortless to wear—it's the ultimate hot weather outfit. Leave buttons undone for extra air-flow, or leave the shirt open and wear a cropped top, vest, or even a swimsuit underneath. This outfit can be worn to work, at the beach, to the pub, or on a date. It's literally perfect.

Jumpsuit + Sandals

A jumpsuit is one of the most versatile summer wardrobe items. This all-in-one outfit is perfect for staying cool in the heat without looking too casual about it. Pair with some sandals and it's an easy throw-on-and-go option for busy days. When the weather runs a little cooler, a jumpsuit can be styled with a shirt and belt to keep it comfortable. Best accessories with minimal chains and simple studs.

Cropped Top + Midi Skirt + Slides

This is one of the most easy-to-wear outfits for any summer wardrobe. It's a simple top and skirt combo with a pair of comfy sandals. The best thing about this formula is it can be adjusted depending on the activity and it's always comfortable. There are numerous styles of cropped tops, from button-ups to wrap tops to vests, so there's an option for everyone.

Maxi Dress + Colourful Sandals

A true classic and the ultimate all-in-one outfit for summer is a maxi dresses paired with sandals. It's a great option for adding colour to a wardrobe with playful prints or bright colours, and the perfect choice whenever a simple and chic outfit is required. This outfit is best paired with bold accessories, like statement jewellery or colourful shoes.

Outfits to Wear All Summer Long

Mini-Dress + Slides

To get away with wearing as little as possible in the scorching heat without going too casual; a mini-dress plus slides is the most effortless option. It can go from the office to the beach with a few outfit tweaks. Minimal jewellery will make the look more polished without making the outfit feel fussy to wear.

Button-Down + Maxi Skirt + Chunky Sandals

A breezy option that can be styled a few different ways yet remains suitable for any occasion is a button-down shirt paired with a maxi skirt. Worn loose, unbuttoned, tucked in, or tied; a roomy linen shirt is the quintessential summer must-have. Style with chunky sandals and enamel jewellery to make it more playful.

Oversized Shirt + Bike Shorts + Trainers

A low-key option for low-effort days is needed in every wardrobe, even in summer. But the usual loungewear options might be too much to wear in the sunshine. The summer version of a loungewear set is an oversized shirt with bike shorts and trainers. It's easy to wear and comfortable in the heat, whether there are errands to be run or a dog to walk!