A Dog-Friendly Travel Guide to Broadstairs, Kent

A Dog-Friendly Travel Guide to Broadstairs, Kent

The narrow, cobbled streets of Broadstairs wind around historic buildings housing independent shops, art galleries, seafood stalls, and traditional pubs. They lead down onto the beach where a boardwalk trails across the sands, past candy-coloured beach huts and seaside attractions. If anywhere feels like a quintessential seaside escape it's this place.

Broadstairs is one of England's oldest seaside resorts. Its rich history and natural beauty has earned it the title of being the "jewel in Thanet's crown." Despite its endearing nickname, Broadstairs is often overlooked as a holiday destination in favour of the more trendy towns of Margate and Whitstable.

There is a charm to Broadstairs that these neighbouring towns lack. From its sand-filled beaches to its literary connections, Broadstairs a must-visit when travelling the Kent coast—not least for the world famous Morelli's ice cream parlour!

A Dog-Friendly Travel Guide to Broadstairs, Kent

What to Do in Broadstairs, Kent

Attend a Dog-Friendly Event

If you want to experience Broadstairs at its best, time your trip to coincide with one of its many seasonal events. These traditional festivities bring local music, seasonal foods, and historic celebrations to the town; creating a lively atmosphere that's not to be missed.

Broadstairs hosts several dog-friendly events throughout the year, including Broadstairs Folk Week, the Food Festival, the Water Gala, or the Dickens Festival.

A Dog-Friendly Travel Guide to Broadstairs, Kent

Head Down to the Beach

While the main sands are off-limited to dogs during summer, Broadstairs has an impressive amount of beaches and bays within walking distance. It won't be hard to find dog-friendly beaches to enjoy.

Whether you walk along the cliff top or the promenade, you'll find various access points providing a pathway down. You'll be face with winding slopes and steep steps—so watch your step!

A Dog-Friendly Travel Guide to Broadstairs, Kent

Get Dog-Friendly Ice Cream

Morelli's ice cream parlour opened in Broadstairs in 1932 and has been at the top of every ice cream loving tourist's bucket list ever since. Freshly churned ice cream is served hand over fist to eager customers who queue patiently outside the ornate glass doors.

Inside, sundaes and milkshakes are served alongside coffee and cake on original 1950's Lloyd Loom chairs and pink leatherette parlour seating. Alongside the classic favourites and seasonal flavours, there is an ice cream option for dogs too!

A Dog-Friendly Travel Guide to Broadstairs, Kent

Follow the Coastal Trail

Thanet has some of the best coastal trails offering mesmerising sea views from top the rugged chalk cliffs. The most popular route is the 32-mile Viking Coastal Trail exploring the dramatic cliffs, charming bays, and hidden coves of the Kent coastline.

The Turner and Dickens Walk is a much shorter route covering only 4 miles. The trail takes walkers from Broadstairs to Margate visiting several sites the artist and author knew and loved.

A Dog-Friendly Travel Guide to Broadstairs, Kent

Visit the North Foreland Lighthouse

Follow the Viking Coastal Trail or wait until the tide it out, and you can walk along the beach from Viking Bay to Joss Bay onto the North Foreland Lighthouse. An iconic landmark that has guided countless ships to safety since it was built in 1691.

Dogs are welcome to enjoy the grounds at the North Foreland Lighthouse and the surrounding walking trails on the White Cliffs of Dover. The location is a ideal for nature enthusiasts as the surrounding cliffs provide a habitat for rare species of wildlife, including butterflies, birds and wildflowers.

A Dog-Friendly Travel Guide to Broadstairs, Kent

Where to Eat in Broadstairs, Kent

Whether you want a cone of chips or a sit down meal, finding somewhere dog-friendly to eat in Broadstairs will be easy. Most places are small, family-owned businesses with traditional decor and simple menus.

A Dog-Friendly Travel Guide to Broadstairs, Kent

Where to Drink in Broadstairs, Kent

The bars and breweries of Broadstairs are a great example of the town's unique heritage. The old-world charm of its historic buildings has been maintained, despite being turned into modern taprooms and wine bars.

The perfect example of this phenomena is The Chapel Bar, a church cum bookshop cum dive bar—and one of the best dog-friendly places to drink in Broadstairs!

A Dog-Friendly Travel Guide to Broadstairs, Kent

Where to Shop in Broadstairs, Kent

The charity shops in Broadstairs are some of the best in the area. It's well worth visiting on a week day and walking the length of the high street down to the beach for the thrifting opportunities! You'll come across several dog-friendly independent plant shops and bookstores to visit too.

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A Dog-Friendly Travel Guide to Broadstairs, Kent A Dog-Friendly Travel Guide to Broadstairs, Kent