A Sustainable Summer Capsule Wardrobe 2023

A Sustainable Summer Capsule Wardrobe 2023

The weather broke just as I was making the finishing touches to my sustainable summer capsule wardrobe. All of sudden it was time to pack away the knitwear ready to enjoy the glorious sunshine. The wait has been worth it. I've been looking forward to getting my warm-weather wardrobe ready—and now I can finally wear it!

Dressing for hot weather is all about light, breathable layers in natural fabrics. So this season's selection includes simple outfits with breezy silhouettes to stay cool. Oversized shirts, maxi dresses, and comfy sandals are my summer favourites, and there's an abundance of them in this capsule.

Looking stylish and feeling cute in the heat whilst keeping your personal style can be tricky. No one wants to be fussing over outfit choices when they could be outside enjoying the sunshine. I like to keep my outfit formulas simple with a few eco-friendly jewellery pieces for easy-dressing in summer.

There are a few staple outfits that make up the backbone of my summer wardrobe. An oversized shirt with loose-fitting trousers, a sleeveless maxi dress or jumpsuit with sandals, and a maxi skirt with a shirt tucked in or tied. These failsafe summer outfit formulas make getting dressed in the heat effortless.

A Sustainable Summer Capsule Wardrobe 2023

I had a lot of fun putting together this year's summer capsule wardrobe. It's a chance for me to express my own version of dopamine dressing—albeit in a minimalist way!—with a colourful capsule wardrobe. There's a shift away from monochrome outfits towards ones with more interesting details.

My style inspiration for this season really highlights the summer I'm dreaming of. Pulling together a moodboard really does help create the perfect capsule wardrobe with easy to recreate outfits, especially in a season where the weather can feel restrictive.

I know many people struggle to know how to dress for hot weather. Hopefully this summer capsule wardrobe can help with styling outfits that are both comfortable and cool.

A Sustainable Summer Capsule Wardrobe 2023

A Summer Capsule Wardrobe 2023

Dresses & Jumpsuits

  1. Tiered Maxi Dress
  2. Balloon Sleeve Midi Dress
  3. Sleeveless Maxi Dress
  4. Wrap Midi Dress
  5. Sleeveless Jumpsuit
  6. Tiered Midi Dress


  1. Cropped Cardigan
  2. Cropped Jacket
  3. Knitted Vest
  4. Linen Button Down
  5. Oversized Linen Shirt
  6. Oversized Classic Shirt


  1. Linen Trousers
  2. Maxi Skirt
  3. Midi Skirt


  1. Platform Sandals
  2. Classic Sandals
  3. Green SandalsWedge Sandals


  1. Circle Bag
  2. Sun Hat
  3. Sunglasses


  1. Wavy Earrings
  2. Enamel Shell Necklace
  3. Stacking Rings