Recreating Pinterest Outfits

Recreating Pinterest Outfits

One of the biggest style lies we've been told is that rewearing outfits is tactless. The stigma is so ingrained that one in three women consider a garment “old” after just one or two wears, and 49% of respondents said that they feel self-conscious about repeating outfits at work.

We don't need more clothes, we need new ways to wear the ones we already own. Recreating outfits found on Pinterest can help make your wardrobe work harder. Showing exactly how the items you already own can be restyled in a multitude of ways.

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Recreating Pinterest Outfits

Something I do every season is use Pinterest to find style inspiration. I pin outfit ideas to identify common shapes and silhouettes, helping to find the styles I'm most inspired by. I put together a seasonal capsule and use my pinned inspiration to recreate outfits from my own clothes.

Using Pinterest for outfit ideas gives you a fresh perspective on your existing wardrobe. It provides you with new ways to style old clothes, enabling you to update your style without buying anything new. This is a neat trick for following trends in a sustainable way too.

This is a step-by-step guide to recreating outfits from Pinterest, including examples of the latest outfits I've successfully recreated.

Recreating Pinterest Outfits Recreating Pinterest Outfits

Find Style Inspiration on Pinterest

I have written a complete guide on how to find style inspiration on Pinterest. In brief, you'll need to be specific with your searches if you want to find outfit inspiration you actually like. Use terms that incorporate the season or occasion; the style or silhouette, and body shape. You'll also want to pin outfits that are realistic for your life and style if you want to successfully recreate outfits you'll actually wear. For a detailed explanation on finding style inspiration, read the guide.

Make Style Moodboards

Once you've found outfits you like, start creating moodboards. It's helpful to separate outfits based on the season, occasion, or style to really hone in on the type of outfit you're looking for. I make moodboards for each season, which I use to create my seasonal capsule wardrobes. Your style inspiration will highlight the obvious similarities between the outfits you're drawn to. As well as specific wardrobe pieces that repeatedly appear.

Create A Capsule Wardrobe

When looking at a wardrobe full of clothing it's easy to get overwhelmed. Grouping together your clothing into different 'capsules' will help make your wardrobe look and feel more cohesive. You can divide your wardrobe however you like. I've found it helpful to have seasonal capsule wardrobes and ones made specifically for special occasions and travel. This is how to create a capsule wardrobe from the clothes you already own. Here are examples of my own seasonal capsule wardrobes and travel packing lists for inspiration.

Pick Outfits

Once you have your style inspiration and capsule wardrobe; there should be a few outfits that really stand out to you. Notice any colours, styles, and/or items that repeatedly appear across your moodboard. These are the outfits that reflect your personal style, or the style you want to wear. Recreating Pinterest outfits can help you find new ways to rewear your old clothes. But it's also useful for following trends in a sustainable way. So don't be afraid of experimenting!

Recreate The Style

After identifying the outfits you're going to recreate, take a close look at your wardrobe. You'll likely find items you already own that are the same or similar to the ones in your style inspiration. These can be used to replicate the outfit in your own style using your existing wardrobe. Pinning style inspiration and recreating outfits is a useful process for identifying what your wardrobe might be "missing". If there's a certain item you don't own that comes up repeatedly, it might be worth considering purchasing it.

Recreating Pinterest Outfits

Outfit One: White Button-Up + Relaxed Trousers

This is my version of the classic jeans and a t-shirt. I replicated this easy-to-wear outfit with a thrifted oversized shirt and pair of linen trousers; styled with a plain crossbody bag and pair of thrifted slides. The layered minimal jewellery is what takes this outfit from everyday casual to elevated style.

Recreating Pinterest Outfits

Outfit Two: Tailored Midi + Basket Bag

This outfit is super simple but the power is in the details. The design of this dress along with a matching jewellery set is what helps elevate the outfit. It has a defined waist, fitted wrists, balloon sleeves, and a slit in the skirt. An oversized basket bag and chunky platform sandals finish the look off.

Recreating Pinterest Outfits

Outfit Three: Sun-kissed Colours

I love caramel shades and natural wood. So this outfit really stood out to me on my moodboard. I easily replicated this with a thrifted wrap dress, wooden sandals, and woven handbag. I paired it with two-tone sunglasses, and layered necklaces.

Recreating Pinterest Outfits

Outfit Four: Oversized Maxi Dress

I have this exact dress in my wardrobe. I change the outfit slightly because it looks better on me when I cinch the waist in with a bench. Similar to the Pinterest outfit, I style with sandals (or slides), sunglasses, and a large circle bag. I like to wear this outfit with a Medallion Necklace.

Recreating Pinterest Outfits

Outfit Five: Strapless Maxi + Sun Hat

This outfit is all about keeping things simple and sophisticated. Large statement earrings with delicate stacking rings go well with the oversized maxi dress. I've paired it with sandals and a large brimmed sunhat.

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Recreating Pinterest Outfits Recreating Pinterest Outfits