Dog-Friendly Beaches On The Jurassic Coast

Dog-Friendly Beaches On The Jurassic Coast

Dorset has an abundance of coastal trails and countryside walks, each with their own unique landforms. The Jurassic Coast in particular is a wonderfully dog-friendly travel destination. I've shared a complete travel guide to Dorset with dog-friendly activities, vegan-friendly places to eat, and must-see attractions in the local area.

The sprawling coastline of Dorset provides numerous beaches, each with their own rock pools, shingles, and coves to explore. I spent a lot of time on the sand and in the water with my companion, hunting for fossils, peering into caves, and identifying local wildlife. I only wish I'd had even more time to spend exploring Dorset's unique coastline.

I'm sharing my favourite dog-friendly beaches along the Jurassic Coast, from dreamy coves to shingle banks. At the bottom of this article, you'll find a complete list of all the dog-friendly beaches in Dorset with no restrictions.

Dog-Friendly Beaches On The Jurassic Coast Dog-Friendly Beaches On The Jurassic Coast

Charmouth Beach

Charmouth Beach is flanked by huge, looming black cliffs and the beach itself is mainly shingle. Although a low tide exposes a great expanse of sand, making it a good spot for swimmers. A cafe with facilities is available for rest stops and beach huts can be hired. It's said to be one of the best locations for fossil hunting, although we had more luck at Monmouth Beach. Charmouth Beach is divided into three sections, each with their own dog-walking restrictions. So take note of the signposts.

Church Cliff Beach

This sandy little beach is right next to the busy promande, east of Lyme Regis. Despite being in such a prime location, it's rarely ever busy since it's so small. The beach disappears at high tide but when the sea is out, it's the perfect enclosed spot for safe off-leash play. Church Cliff Beach was my favourite beach for just how quiet it was. I returned there almost daily on my trip to Dorset with a coffee in hand on our first walk of the day. Cobb Gate Car Park is the closest available parking.

Dog-Friendly Beaches On The Jurassic Coast Dog-Friendly Beaches On The Jurassic Coast

East Cliff Beach

At the opposite end of Lyme Regis, away from the main sands and promande, you'll find East Cliff Beach. A remarkably quiet beach perfect for solitary walks with your companion. By the cliffs known as the Spittles is one of the best fossil hunting spots along the Jurassic Coast. There's not much in terms of a view and absolutely no facilities whatsoever. But if you're looking for a quiet spot away from the crowds, East Cliff Beach is the place to visit. There is a car park on Charmouth Road for easy access to the beach.

Monmouth Beach

On the other side of Lyme Regis, along hte promenade and past the beach huts, is Monmouth Beach. Flanked by the Ware Cliffs, this is another great location for fossil hunting. My travel partners found several gryphaea ('devil's toenails') while I walked the length of the beach with my companion. It's a much more popular spot than the East Cliff Beach, although nowhere near as busy as the main sands of Lyme Regis. You'll find parking in Monmouth Beach Car Park.

Dog-Friendly Beaches On The Jurassic Coast Dog-Friendly Beaches On The Jurassic Coast

Durdle Door

Durdle Door is a famous stone arch, created when the sea eroded the limestone around 10,000 years ago. It now shows where the coastline once lay, leaving a number of caves that have been carved out by the sea. Getting to Durdle Door beach requires traversing down a steep path followed by a set of wooden steps, making the climb back up rather arduous. Proper footwear is essential. There is a large car park with limited facilities at the Durdle Door holiday park, a 15 minute walk from the beach.

Lulworth Cove

Lulworth Cove is a dreamy spot with quiet, shallow waters and pebble beach. It's famous for its unique landforms and rich wildlife. The cove is a short walk away from other famous landmarks, including Stair Hole and Durdle Door, and a fantastic place to see natural blow holes, caves, and arches. We visited Lulworth Cove after our trip to Corfe Castle and the Corfe Model Village. I sat on the beach reading while the dog played in the sands and my partner swam in the sea. It was a beautiful day and one of the best of our holiday. There is a large car park, visitor centre, and accessible facilities.

Dog-Friendly Beaches On The Jurassic Coast

Dorset's Dog-Friendly Beaches With No Restrictions

Photographs by Jack Spicer Adams.

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Dog-Friendly Beaches On The Jurassic Coast Dog-Friendly Beaches On The Jurassic Coast