Creating a Healthier Home with briiv

Creating a Healthier Home with briiv [AD]

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The last couple of years have shown us the true value of investing in ourselves and our home. Many of us started working from home, attending virtual meetings and online hang outs with friends, and exercising indoors. We all became accurately aware of what our homes were lacking for us to live in them comfortably: more room, tidier areas, quiet spaces.

This lifestyle change has a lot of us feeling stuck indoors, making us consider all the ways we could make our homes more comfortable and our daily routines more health-conscious. This is how you can live a happier life by creating positive routines and making home improvements.

Purify The Air

Now we're all spending more time at home, there's a growing concern about how indoor air quality. Indoor air pollution can be 2-5 times higher than outdoors, and it's more serious as we spend more of our time inside. Using an air purifier will give you peace of mind. It helps to remove pollutants from your home caused by everyday activities like cooking food, burning candles, and cleaning products—things you wouldn't doing twice about but may be affecting your health.

The briiv filter is like having a tiny forest in your home. It's a smart, modern, low maintenance air purifier with four natural filters that help to improve air quality. When it's running, the briiv is quiet and compact with a low power consumption so it makes your air cleaner and your home prettier without damaging the environment.

It's self-proclaimed as the “world’s most sustainable air purifier,” using 100% renewable, sustainable, and biodegradable materials to filter indoor air. Enabling you to protect your home without the plastic waste. When the time comes to replace the filters, you can throw the old ones on the compost heap or even in your garden for them to decompose.

Briiv is the equivalent of having 3,043 medium-sized house plants in your home–minus the hassle of caring for them. If you're worried about having yet another thing to look after, fear not. briiv requires zero maintenance; you don't need to water it so it won't die like your forgotten house plants! It's like a beautiful terrarium that fits right into any minimalist, plant-loving home.

Creating a Healthier Home with briiv [AD] Creating a Healthier Home with briiv [AD]

Declutter The Rooms

When you spend so much more time at home, you start noticing all the things you don't like taking up space. Now is the time to get rid of it all. Decluttering your home will provide you with the extra space you need to live more comfortably. You'll have more space for exercising, a more comfortable environment to work in, and space to relax and enjoy your time at home. The best thing is it doesn't even need to take that long to do. Focus on decluttering one specific area within your home that's causing you trouble, and work through your unwanted belongings until you have a clear space. Ask yourself these decluttering questions to decide what stays and what goes.

Improve Home Decor

We're all got something we've been putting off doing in our homes. It might be touching up the paintwork, fixing leaking taps, or repairing chipped woodwork. Whatever it is, now is the time for some home improvements and decor updates. Small, simple changes can mean the difference between loving being indoors or hating it. Improving your home could be as easy as replacing worn out bed linen or fixing wonky table legs. All these little inconveniences can make us feel down about our homes. Putting effort into resolving this issues will make you feel happier and more comfortable in your home.

Make Sustainable Swaps

If you want to be kinder to yourself and the planet while also reducing waste and saving money, make some sustainable swaps. Switching to eco-friendly alternatives will create a healthier home too. In the kitchen and bathroom, swap out disposables for reusables. Avoid using products that damage the environment and pollute you home by switching over to eco-friendly alternatives. Feel better in the clothes you wear and skincare you use by choosing cruelty-free beauty and sustainably-made clothing. All these sustainable swaps will enable you to create a healthier routine and a happier home.

Add House Plants

The health benefits of house plants are far reaching. Not only will decorating your home with house plants make your space look beautiful, they'll improve air quality, boost your mood, and improve concentration. Choosing the right plants for your home is important, especially if you need pet-friendly options. Keeping them looking pretty is easy when you understand how to care for house plants properly. If that all sounds like too much hassle, and you'd prefer to skip the effort required to care for plants; the briiv air filter has all the beauty of a terrarium minus the hassle with the added benefit of purifying the air in your home.

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Creating a Healthier Home with briiv [AD] Creating a Healthier Home with briiv [AD]