How to Sell on Vinted: The Best Tips for Making More Money

Vinted Selling Tips

A few years ago, thrifting meant trawling charity shops for hours and still coming home empty handed. Now it's possible for people to find exactly what they want without ever leaving their home.

Reselling sites have made shopping second-hand more accessible and more efficient; allowing people to declutter quickly and easily by putting unwanted belongings into the hands of the people who want them.

It's no surprise Vinted has become everyone's favourite place to thrift for cheap second-hand clothing, as 'gentrified' charity shops raise their prices and other apps have costly selling fees. Vinted, on the other hand, make it easy to get rid of your unwanted stuff with simple listings, zero fees, and easy postage.

If you want to declutter successfully and make a little money back on your unwanted belongings, follow these tips for selling on Vinted.

Vinted Selling Tips

What sells well on Vinted?

Women's fashion and kids' clothing are the most popular categories on Vinted. So if you've recently decluttered your wardrobe and have plenty of clothes to sell, you're in luck! It's possible to sell other items, like beauty products, toys, and homewares, but clothing sells the best on Vinted.

How do I get more sales on Vinted?

There is a social element to reselling platforms like Depop and Poshmark, and Vinted is no different. Increasing your engagement will help increase your sales. That means following other Vinted users, liking people's posts, and sending offers and bundle deals to people who have favourited your items. Following Vinted best practices will help you get more sales.

How do I get the most out of Vinted?

To get the most out of Vinted you need to be an active user. Spending time on the app increases engagement and will help boost your own sales. Use the app regularly by listing items, engaging with other members, favouriting other people's items, sending offers, making purchases, and leaving reviews.

Vinted Selling Tips

How to Get More Sales on Vinted

Check the Settings

Before listing anything on Vinted, check your account settings and make some changes. You can find these under the Profile tab within the Vinted app.

Payments are added to your Vinted balance and aren't sent to your bank account until you request a withdrawal. You'll need to add your bank details under Payments in Settings to ensure you can withdraw any money made from selling items.

Vinted offers buyers several different postage options for buyers. Some require printing labels at home or dropping items in lockers. These postage options are all enabled as default so make sure to check each service and disable any you don't want to use.

List Items Correctly

It seems obvious but incorrect information is the reason why so many items don't sell! When listing items on Vinted, make sure all the information is correct and relevant. Every listing needs a suitable title and description with the correct category, brand name, and condition. That way, anyone searching for a specific item can easily find it.

Set Realistic Prices

Success on Vinted is all about the pricing. Get it right and you'll sell everything within hours—get it wrong and you'll be hanging on to that unwanted clutter for months!

Vinted buyers are notorious for wanting a bargain. It's a good idea to price items slightly higher and 'accept offers' so buyers can negotiate for a better price. Allowing buyers to haggle makes them think they're getting more of a bargain while you still get close to the price you want.

Remember to be realistic with your prices. Even if you paid a lot of money for something and never used it, it's still second-hand to someone else. Don't expect to get anywhere near retail price when selling on Vinted!

Take High Quality Photographs

Vinted have specific photography requirements, which need to be followed or you risk your account being banned! Photographs must be taken by you with the purpose of using them on Vinted. They cannot be stock photos or watermarked images, and must represent the item as it is with no image editing allowed.

Up to 20 photos can be added per listing—make use of them! Take clear, high quality photographs showing the whole item from different angles so you capture exactly what it looks like in real life.

To capture items as accurately as possible, use natural lighting and avoid using the flash or artificial lights. Use a plain, uncluttered background that is a different colour to the item so it shows up better.

If it's an item of clothing, use a hanger or mannequin and take a photograph of the item being worn. You can crop your face out if you don't want to be in the photo! If there are any flaws or defects, make sure to photograph those too and list them in the description.

Describe Items in Detail

The more detail the better. Think about how people looking for your item would search for it on Vinted. Include the brand, size, colour, material, style and fit. Be honest about the condition of the item too, and describe any flaws or defects so buyer's know what to expect. Don't exaggerate or mislabel items just to get more views.

List Regularly

If you have multiple items you want to sell, batch upload them. It's better to list a few items at a time each day over several days than upload everything all at once. Items are filtered by what's new so by spreading your listings over several days, you'll appear in buyer's feeds more often.

If you have items that are the same size, upload these listings together on the same day. Buyer's searching by their size can then discover your listings and will be more likely to purchase these items together.

Vinted Selling Tips

Upload When People Are Browsing

Evenings after 7pm is a good time to list new items. It's when people have finished work and are more likely to be scrolling through Vinted looking to make a purchase! Another good time to list items is on payday, which is the last working day of the month or anywhere between the 25th and 28th.

Bump Listings

You can pay to 'bump' a Vinted listing to increase your chances of selling it. When you bump a listing, the item shows higher in search results for 3 or 7 consecutive days, or until the item is sold. There is a fee for bumping listings, which varies depending on the item price and how long it's 'bumped' for.

Pay for a Spotlight

Vinted items can be promoted using the Wardrobe Spotlight. This is a separate section within the item feed and is shown to relevant members based on their preferences, filters, and most favourited items. It costs £6.95 to use Wardrobe Spotlight and it valid for 7 consecutive calendar days.

Offer Bundle Discounts

Under the Profile tab there is an option for bundle discounts. This gives buyers a discount when they purchase more than one item from you at the same time. Since Vinted encourages shoppers to make multiple purchases from the same sellers; turning bundle discounts on is a great way to sell more of your items quickly.

Send Offers

Vinted will notify you when someone has shown an interest in one of your items. Make use of this function by responding to it with a discount.Send an offer a day after someone 'favourites' one of your items to encourage a sale.

Another way of sending an offer is to reduce the price of your items. Anyone who has favourited that item will get an alert and hopefully make a purchase.

Respond Quickly

Respond to messages from buyers as quickly as possible. Many buyers will ask sellers a question sellers to check if they are an active user so by having a quick response time, you'll increase your chances of making a sale.

Print Labels at Home

There have been a lot of issues with locker collections and drop-offs where labels are printed by the courier and stuck to the wrong package. Avoid the potential for a mix-up by printing labels at home or the library. That way you know the correct item will go to the correct buyer!

Post Promptly

Once something has sold on Vinted, get the item sent as quickly as possible. Postage is pre-paid by the buyer making it super easy to print labels at home or drop parcels off at collection points. Quick delivery is a great way to get 5-star reviews from buyers on Vinted.

Keep Proof of Postage

Unfortunately, a lot can go wrong when posting items. Make sure to keep ahold of proof of postage until your item is delivered safely. You'll need it to make a claim should anything go missing or get damaged. This will also protect you from buyers who claim they haven't received their order when they have.

Leave a Review

Once an order has been completed and the buyer has their item, remember to leave a positive 5-star review—and you'll be more likely to receive one back in return! Having positive reviews will make your account more trustworthy in the eyes of buyers.

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Vinted Selling Tips Vinted Selling Tips