Depop Selling Tips

Depop Selling Tips

Letting go of the things we no longer want can feel like a weight being lifted from our shoulders. But then comes the arduous task of dealing with this unwanted stuff. Decluttering responsibly is important when it comes to living more sustainably.

Instead of dumping everything into bags and sending it all off to charity, the best solution is to put these things directly into the hands of those who want them. That means giving them away to friends and family, or selling them at garage sales, car boots, or online.

What I particularly like about Depop, as opposed to eBay or elsewhere, is you can set your listings and forget them. Well, almost. There's certainly a knack to making sales on the Depop app but the way it works is straightforward and fuss-free.

If I don't want the hassle of checking in with auctions, I use Depop. I've found Depop buyers are often keen shoppers looking for specific items or brands, and as a result my items have sold for much more than they would on eBay.

If you're curious about Depop, have never used it before and want to get started, or have been using the app without much luck; these are the best tips for using Depop to increase your chances of selling your unwanted things. If you'd prefer to stick with auctions, I have some tips for selling on eBay too!

List Items Regularly

If you have a lot of items to list on Depop, stagger them over several days - not all at once. Posting things regularly will keep you in people's feeds for longer and ensure you're being seen every day. To be seen in people's timelines, you need to be posting regularly. Listing items once or twice a day is a good way to keep your account active; you're more likely to show up in people's feeds more regularly.

I use the draft feature to prep listings before publishing them, and then upload a couple at a time over a few days to push fresh content out to the rest of the app. Listing in this way also helps you to keep on top of any comments or queries you might have about your items, and deal with taking extra photographs or finding out information for interested buyers.

Be Honest About Condition

Don't try to sell anything too worn out, dirty, or damaged. Check every item over for wear and tear and be honest when writing up your listings. List as much as you possibly can about the item you're selling including any minor (or major) defects. Include information buyers would find useful such as measurements and materials. When listing an item, consider whether you would you be happy receiving the item based on how it was described. Don't try to pass of a well-loved pair of trainers as "like new".

Make use of your bio too. Give details on your selling terms and conditions like returns and refunds, when you post and what service you use. I use my bio to show that delivery is free (but only in the UK) and I use Royal Mail's 2nd Class Signed For service so all buyers know their item is tracked.

Answer Questions Promptly

Responding quickly to comments and direct messages can mean the difference between a sale or not. Be ready to take measurements, check garment labels, or look up information. If someone shows an interest in multiple items, either by leaving several comments or liking a few items in one go, send them a direct message to offer a discount on a combined purchase.

When I have active listings, I leave notifications on for Depop. It allows me to see when someone has left a comment or sent to a direct message, and I can get back to them immediately with the information they need.

Take Clear Photographs

You have a better chance of selling items if you provide nicely taken photographs and, if possible, show items being worn. If there are any signs of wear and tear or damage, make sure to photograph it so buyers know exactly what an item looks like. It's important to include photographs of the actual item you own rather than using product photography, although having said that...

To make my profile look cohesive, I use product photography from brand's websites and include my own photographs in the swipe through gallery. It's not necessary something I recommend doing but it's a way to quickly put together listings if you don't have time to take photographs.

Depop Selling Tips

Promote Yourself

If you want to get your items seen and make some sales, you're going to need to promote your Depop profile. That's is easier for those of us with eyes on our social media accounts already. If you don't have a large following of people to send to your Depop profile, there are a few ways you can promote yourself.

Be as active on the app as possible. Follow profiles and like items (use the 'explore' page), even if you're going to buy anything. It's much easier to gain new followers if you're proactively using the Depop app to engage with accounts.

Be Reasonable With Prices

Be reasonable with your prices. If something has been worn or used and is in good condition, 50% off the retail price is a good starting point. For items that are new with the tags on, you might be able to get a little more for them depending on demand for the brand. Be open to negotiating with buyers. People want to feel they got a good deal so if you're able to give them a few pounds off, you're more likely to make a sale.

You probably want to make your money back on bad purchases or make an item worth selling because you really don't want to let it go. The reality is nobody cares, they just want a good deal. When you're selling second-hand things, you have to lower your expectations and accept that you're not going to get your money back.

Be Prepared For Time-Wasters

Unfortunately, Depop is well known for its time-wasters; people who want to make ridiculous offers and buy things for very cheap. My advice is to ignore them entirely. If someone is offering you £5 for a £50 dress, it's safe to assume they're never going to meet you in the middle. Ignoring their messages won't cost you a sale.

I've been quite fortunate in that I haven't experienced too many time-wasters myself. I've had a couple of messages here and there from people who want to negotiate on the asking price, which is absolutely fine. If you find yourself receiving a lot of messages asking you to lower the price, consider whether what you're asking for the item is too much or if you're just attracting the wrong people!

Remember The Fees!

When you're pricing up your items and counting your sales, remember Depop takes a cut (10%), PayPal takes a cut (2.9% + 30p), and postage costs too. Make sure you cover your costs and accurately calculate delivery costs.

My rule is to only sell things for £10 or more, anything less than that simply isn't worth the effort of photographing items, writing descriptions, uploading listings, dealing with messages, and taking things to the post office. Items worth less than £10 are donated while anything over that are listed on Depop.

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Depop Selling Tips Depop Selling Tips