My Simple Low Waste Beauty Routine

My Simple Low Waste Beauty Routine

This is what my simple low waste beauty routine looks like right now. It's been stripped even further to 5 skincare products and 3 makeup products, all made by small independent businesses that are sustainably-made and vegan-friendly with refillable or recyclable packaging. If you're curious about what an achievable low waste beauty routine looks like, this is the post for you.

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say my habits and routines have shifted during the coronavirus pandemic; not only because they've had to but because I've wanted them to. Everything from when and where I shop for essentials to what clothes and beauty products I choose to wear. I'm no longer concerned with social expectations to "look presentable" or as beautiful as possible when out in public. My face is fine, with or without makeup.

Over the last year, I've barely worn makeup except for a little concealer and lip tint, occasionally mascara. I feel positively liberated for fully embracing how my face naturally looks, and my skin has never been better for it. Makeup is fun and I enjoy wearing it on the rare occasion I do but going bare faced makes my daily routine so much simpler. During the lockdown, I've felt even less motivated to wear makeup because there's very little reason to. On a daily basis I wear no makeup at all and skincare has become a priority.

Before buying anything new, I've been making do with what's already in my cupboards; from kitchen ingredients to skincare products, I've prioritised using things up to save money and avoid waste. I've whittled my skincare down to a handful of products I use daily and can rely on to be effective as well as low waste.


Lip Tint: Tropic Skincare Lip Fudge (gifted)
Mascara: LUSH Eyes Right
Concealer: LUSH Slap Stick

Three lightweight, easy-to-wear products for when I feel like wearing makeup. The LUSH Slap Stick can be used as a concealer and foundation with buildable coverage, which makes it an ideal multi-purpose option. My recommendation for the LUSH Eyes Right mascara is: go gentle. It has a tendency to smudge if you don't give it time to set, otherwise it's a great product. If you find lipstick fussy but enjoy a little colour, try the Tropic Skincare Lip Fudge in Rosewood. It's my absolute favourite in terms of colour and application. It wears off beautifully without any patchiness or staining. There's a lipstick in almost the same shade too for easier application. All of these products are low waste; you can return your empty LUSH mascara for recycling in store while the lip tint and concealer come in packaging that's suitable for at-home recycling.


Lip Balm: Dark Times Apothecary Calendula Balm
Cleanser: Studio Botanics Cold Cream (gifted)
Treatment: Nathalie Bond Pink Clay Face Mask and Green People Coconut Charcoal Purifying Face Mask (gifted)
Face Moisturiser: Nathalie Bond Gentle Facial Oil (gifted)

Body Moisturiser: Nathalie Bond Body Oil (gifted)

The best lip balm you can ever use is calendula. I get mine from Dark Times Apothecary, a small one-person business making skincare and other products from foraged ingredients. I use one of two cleanser: coconut oil or the Studio Botanics Cold Cream - both are excellent makeup removers. For troubled skin I use clay masks to lift and remove dirt whenever my complexion needs it. My favourites are the Nathalie Bond Pink Pink Clay Face Mask and the Green People Coconut Charcoal Purifying Face Mask. To moisturise I use the Nathalie Bond Gentle Facial Oil and Body Oil, which comes in refillable glass pump bottles.

Sun Protection

I wear sun protection every day. I don't consider this part of my beauty routine; it's so essential that all of us should be wearing it, even when we're indoors all day. I've been using the Tropic Skincare Sun Care range for the last couple of years and for recent weeks, I've been applying the new Sun Day Facial UV Defence (gifted) for protection against sun damage even through windows. Tropic Sun Care is broad-spectrum, water-resistant, and most importantly, reef-safe.

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My Simple Low Waste Beauty Routine My Simple Low Waste Beauty Routine