Creating A Minimalist Makeup Collection

Creating A Minimalist Makeup Collection

I enjoy makeup; I don't wear a lot of it, barely any in fact, but I'm not ready to let go of it entirely. Day-to-day I wear concealer-only or nothing at all yet I like having a small selection of products for evenings out and special occasions. That wasn't always the case. I used to wear a full face of makeup. I'd never dream of setting foot outside without it. I'd watch countless YouTube videos, add endless (and totally unnecessary) products to my wish list, and buy product after product that sat, barely used, until I threw them all away. I wasted so much time and money, only to feel overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I'd amassed.

I started to work on why I felt I had to wear so much makeup just to look like me and taught myself to be comfortable without it. The beauty industry manipulates us into feeling ashamed of the way we naturally look in order to sell us products that promise to 'fix' the imaginary problems they've taught us we have. It's false hope; we're fine as we are. It's been years since I've worn foundation and my makeup has been whittled down to a handful of products. I've talked about my relationship with beauty before and why I threw away all my makeup. Now I want to share how I created a minimalist makeup collection.

I've found creating a makeup capsule a lot harder than streamlining my wardrobe; there are plenty of cruelty-free and vegan-friendly beauty brands yet very few offer of them sustainable, low waste options. Balancing all three is almost impossible. It's been an ongoing process over the last few years and I've finally settled in a place where I'm happy with the makeup I own and use. I've managed to cut down how long it takes me to get ready, the amount of money I spend, and I've significantly reduced the waste my beauty routine creates.

The key to cutting waste and creating a makeup capsule is focusing on multi-use products, stripping right back on the products we use, and finding peace with the idea that wearing makeup won't ever be waste-free.

Creating A Minimalist Makeup Collection

The Essentials

Take care of your skin and stripping back on the makeup becomes a whole lot easier. Buy less and buy better, that's my motto when it comes to beauty. I look for multi-use products that can be used and applied in different ways; it saves space in my makeup bag and saves me a whole lot of money.

Lush Moringa Primer. The blend of natural oils effective in moisturising and smoothing the skin makes this product the perfect base for makeup or an effortless way to perk up the complexion on a no makeup day. A pot lasts me a whole year and you can return them to the shop for recycling.

Tropic Skincare Concealer. Lightweight and non-drying, offering brightening and concealing properties useful for disguising blemishes or covering redness. I was given a tip to blend two shades together for more coverage, which is essential if, like me, you have pale skin and rather dark under-eye circles.

Tropic Skincare Colour Palette. A personalised makeup palette with everything you need (and nothing you don't); it has a modular design with refillable trays and recyclable packaging. The products are multi-use and made with sustainably sourced ingredients. My palette contains two eyeshadows (for brows, lids, and liner), a highlighter, a blush, and a bronzer. All the products can be used interchangeably.

Rosewood Lip Tint. I don't have the patience for lipstick and opt for this lip tint instead. It's an easy to wear lip balm with a subtle hint of colour that fades naturally. Add a swipe of lip glaze if glossiness is more your thing.

Two Faced Mascara. It's the best mascara I've found at thickening and curling lashes with a single swipe. A cheaper alternative that is almost just as good: Collection Lengthening Mascara.

3-in-1 Brush. This compact triple-ended brush, made from FSC certified wood and vegan-friendly fibres, combines a eyeshadow brush, liner, and spoolie. It slips into any makeup bag, big or small, and really helps streamline your beauty routine. Add a Precision Face Brush for blending face products, although I often pat it in with my finger tips.

Little Extras

These aren't essential but I've found them quite lovely to have. The West Barn Co. Soap Brows + Finish Mist (I like the Coconut Dew mist) helps keep my brows tamed and my makeup on my face. A bold red lipstick is fun to have; in my makeup bag I keep a matte liquid lipstick called Paparazzi. It's the only true red lipstick I've found to be both cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. I also keep to hand a selection of my favourite Zoeva brushes.

Some items in this post were gifted without obligation to share.

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Creating A Minimalist Makeup Collection