Summer Decluttering: 5 Things to Focus On During Summertime

Summer Decluttering: 5 Things to Focus On During Summertime

Although it may seem as though the spring cleaning has only just finished, don't wait for the clutter to build up again—which it will, given the chance! Summer is surprisingly good time for another declutter.

The warm weather brings with it a renewed desire to live a simpler life, unburdened by unnecessary stuff. The new season makes it easier to part ways to these items and give them new life with someone else who will appreciate them.

By breaking down the process of decluttering into seasonal tasks, it's possible to to maintain a clutter-free home for longer in a way that is more manageable and less overwhelming. Summer really is the season to create space for new adventures and experiences by decluttering your home.

Things to Declutter in Summer

Swimwear and Beach Gear

Nobody wants a fun day out ruined by a punctured pool float or bathing suit with holes. Before heading for a swim, make sure your swimwear and beach gear is in good condition. Check over everything from bathing suits and cover-ups to paddling pools and beach towels. Declutter anything that is worn out or unsafe, and replace them with new ones if you need to.

Sun Protection and Seasonal Products

Whether it's sunscreen or insect repellent, summer requires a few extra seasonal products to make the hot weather more bearable. Half used bottles and travel sized toiletries from last season often get pushed to the back of the bathroom cabinet and forgotten about. Double check expiration dates, and if anything is out of date—throw it away!

Activewear and Outdoor Equipment

One area of the wardrobe that may have been overlooked during the spring cleaning is activewear and outdoor equipment. Before planning any new outdoor activities, check over sportswear, footwear, route planners, and GPS trackers. As well as outdoors equipment for backpacking or camping, including water bottles and utensils. Make sure everything is up to the challenge before heading out on your next adventure.

The Garage and the Garden Shed

The garage and garden shed is where seasonal items end up when a season comes to an end. Summer is a prime opportunity to remove everything, using the lawn to sort through it all. Most of it will be outside gear, like garden supplies and furniture, BBQ accessories, and picnic supplies. All things that might come in useful over summer! Decluttering and reorganising this space will make it all much more accessible when it's most needed.

Travel Souvenirs and Mementos

Summer is the season for travel, and it's likely that quite a few souvenirs and mementos have accumulated over time. From ticket stubs to ornaments, these once cherished items quickly turn into clutter when they're not put on display or used in some way. Go through all the travel memorabilia and consider decluttering anything that no longer holds any meaning or sentimental value. What's left should be displayed and enjoyed, rather than hidden away.

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Summer Decluttering: 5 Things to Focus On During Summertime Summer Decluttering: 5 Things to Focus On During Summertime