Sustainable Lingerie for Every Body — A Review of The Very Good Bra

Sustainable Lingerie for Every Body with The Very Good Bra

This is an advert in collaboration with The Very Good Bra.

Well-fitting lingerie is an important part of any wardrobe and the foundation of every outfit. Without having undergarments that feel as good as they look, it's impossible to be comfortable.

Finding a bra that fits, is enjoyable to wear, and looks good on is more difficult than it should be—and if you're trying to buy sustainably-made items, that makes shopping for lingerie even harder!

The size range of most eco-friendly lingerie brands is severely limited and rarely are their suitable options for larger cup sizes. Very few sustainable brands offer a size range that extends beyond a D-cup and even fewer offer styles with support.

Ethical fashion should be accessible to everyone, regardless of body type or personal style. Thankfully one brand feels the same and is leading the way to better fitting, more inclusive lingerie that not only looks good but feels good to wear.

The Very Good Bra is the world's first plastic-free bra. Made from all natural components, the garments are designed to break down at end-of-life. It takes just 8 weeks in a commercial worm farm to decompose, leaving no trace!

The Very Good Bra specialises in wire-free bras—with support!—and proper cup sizes in a generous size range. There are two styles available, one with a V-front design ideal for larger cup sizes, and one without. There's even an adjustable nursing bra made from unbleached, undyed organic cotton.

Designed using organic cotton, these bras provide structure without discomfort. There are no underwires that dig in or spandex that loses shape over time. For larger cups, the option of a front V wire provides both separation and support without compromising on comfort.

Sustainable Lingerie for Every Body with The Very Good Bra

One of the most important aspects of lingerie is the size range. For smaller independent brands, offering a wide range of cup sizes can be difficult. Being self-funded and limited by the use of natural, plastic-free materials, providing a huge range of sizes can be economically unsustainable.

However, The Very Good Bra offers an extensive size choice, ranging from 30C to 38E, with wire-free bras specifically designed with larger cup sizes in mind. It provides a genuine alternative to mass-produced synthetic lingerie for those looking for comfortable yet supportive underwear that has been ethically-made.

When it comes to wire-free bras, larger cup sizes are often made with zero support. I've personally experienced the struggle of finding a sustainably-made wire-free bra in a D-cup. I almost always have to choose between comfort or support.

There is no compromise to be made with The Very Good Bra! The wide band with its 3-clasp closure and front V wire means the bra fits well and offers plenty of support—without ever feeling uncomfortable! It offers all the comfort of a wire-free bralette with all the support of a traditional bra. It's obvious this lingerie has been designed with larger breasts in mind!

The Very Good Bra embodies slow, sustainable fashion. Crowd-funded in 2018, the brand made each bra in order to prevent over-production of excess stock. Now a small inventory of each design and size are readily available to buy immediately, with new colours and styles available for pre-order.

The garments are produced in a family-owned lingerie factory in Portugal using 100% botanically sourced materials. No toxins are created through the manufacturing process, and no microplastics are released through laundering because all materials used are 100% plastic-free.

As part of this feature, I was gifted The Very Good Bra Liberty Pansy Set to review. For more information, visit The Very Good Bra website.

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Sustainable Lingerie for Every Body with The Very Good Bra Sustainable Lingerie for Every Body with The Very Good Bra