Minimalist Moving Tips

Minimalist Moving Tips

Whether travelling long-distance or making a short hop down the block, moving home doesn’t need to be complicated; simplifying your moving process can be done with a little preparation. However far you’re moving, the rules remain the same: plan ahead, declutter beforehand, and pack methodically. Follow these three key rules and unpacking and settling in will be so much easier.

I’ve relocated numerous times including short and long-distance moves involving everything from hiring packers and a van to asking kind friends and relatives to lend a helping hand. This time I’m upsizing to a bigger apartment.. right next door! Regardless of distance, moving day always has its hiccups. Here are a few tricks I’ve learned that make moving day a whole lot easier.

Plan Ahead

There will probably be a handful of things you couldn’t have predicted would happen but generally speaking, figuring out the logistics of a move and not leaving it all to the last minute will result to a moving day without any hitches or big surprises.

Consider whether you need to hire a van or if the help of friends and family will be enough. Take measurements (especially for awkward furniture and tight corners), plan how to shift any bulky furniture you might own, and identify any issues that may cause you problems on moving day. It’s useful to create a “first day” box packed with everyday essentials, it will prevent you scrabbling for the kettle and coffee beans on the first day in your new home.

If you have pets make sure the move will be as stress-free as possible by planning their care ahead of time. If appropriate, get someone to look after them so they are not around when furniture and boxes are being moved, and the loud noises and strangers won’t disturb them. Otherwise, plan to keep them somewhere quiet during the heavy lifting.

Plan ahead for packing, redirecting mail, arranging gas, water, and electricity, and any other connections you may need. Write a list of what needs to be done and when so you don't forget something important. If you’re unable to set these things up before you move or shortly after you move in, it’ll prepare you for going without heating, a working kitchen, or internet access. If you plan ahead and time it right you could have everything set up for when you arrive.

Declutter Before You Pack

It will be tempting to postpone decluttering until after you move, after all you’ll have enough things to deal with without tackling the clutter. Not taking the chance to downsize before a move is a big mistake. Less stuff means less heavy lifting and possibly less money spent moving it. The sooner you declutter the better; weeks or even months before a move will enable you to clear your space, deal with the fallout, and adjust to your streamlined belongings.

Decluttering before a move will give you some time to let it all sink in; if you’re strapped for time, decluttering near to moving day isn’t ideal but it can work. Be focused and determined, ask yourself the three key decluttering questions, and work through your belongings as you pack them. My eBook: The 5-Step Method for Decluttering can provide the guidance you need to help you declutter successfully.

Imagine yourself unpacking each item, does it really have a place in your new home? Think carefully about all those “not quite right” items; those shoes that pinch; the jeans that don’t fit; the trinkets you never use; old birthday and Christmas cards. Do they deserve the space they take up? Are they worth the money it costs to move them? If your answer is no, get rid of them and save yourself some time, space, money.

Pack Methodically

Stick to packing like-items together and don’t mix the boxes. If you’re not someone who keeps the same type of item together in your home, take the time to round up all the like-items such as toiletries, utensils, electronics, etc. and pack them in themed boxes. Keep the kitchenware separate from the bedroom items, and make sure books don’t get mixed with food stuffs. Sounds sensible but in the chaos of a move it’s easy to slip an item into an open box, you’ll only notice days later when you really need that item and it’s nowhere to be found.

Box up your belongings room by room in a methodical and systematic way. This will not only make finding things a breeze but anyone helping you to move will know which boxes to put in which rooms ready for unpacking. Labelling each box is essential; use a colour coding system or write the rooms on each box, it will save you a lot of time.

Number each box and keep an inventory on your computer. Sync this information to your phone and you’ll have a precise list of every box and what’s inside. Traditionally people number and label each box with the contents, this can be a little risky if you need to leave the boxes on the curb side while you move stuff to and from a moving van. By numbering boxes and keeping the details on your phone you’re not taking such a big risk if you have to leave them unattended.

Unpacking and Settling In

Making your space feel like a home will help you to feel happy in a new environment. Making time for adding the little touches will enable you to settle in quickly and make the space feel your own.

Unpack the essentials that make a home feel like a home. It might involve hanging your favourite artwork, changing the curtains, getting a bookshelf set up, positioning your plants, lighting candles, or simply plugging in the kettle and filling the cupboards. Whatever makes a home feel like home to you. If you spend time on adding the little touches settling in will be comfortable and stress-free. It’s worthwhile getting one room absolutely perfect and the bedroom is an ideal choice. It provides you with one room of complete tranquility that you can retreat to when the rest of your home is in chaos.

Walk through your new home and make notes on what needs to be done and what you would like to do to with the space. This includes things that need to be fixed, faults that need to be addressed, and any home decor you want to change or add. If the place needs cleaning, clean the windows, wipe down the walls, and hoover. If any painting needs to be done do that as soon as possible and in a way that causes the least disruption.

Invite your friends and new neighbours over for a peaceful housewarming, and delight in the joy of moving into a new home with a fresh start.

Minimalist Moving Tips