Making The Most of Wardrobe Space

Making The Most of Wardrobe Space

Making the most of your space is essential for a tidy and clutter-free home. Finding the perfect solution for storing your belongings makes the difference between a disorganised mess and a heavenly home. When you’ve spent time decluttering your space and simplifying your life, it’s essential to find storage solutions that work. After years of living in a tiny apartment, I’ve learned a few tricks for saving space and keeping things organised. Here are six ideas that make the most of your bedroom and help maximise your wardrobe space.

1 | A Functional Wardrobe

Choosing a functional wardrobe is crucial for resolving 99% of wardrobe storage issues. If you find you’re struggling with an oversized or undersized unit that is an awkward fit for your space, consider replacing it with something more appropriate. A wardrobe audit to help declutter your clothes will make sure you’re not compromising on space by keeping items you don’t want; whittle your wardrobe down and then figure out whether you can work with the wardrobe you’ve got or need to invest in a new one.

2 | Velvet Hangers

It’s tempting to just use whatever hangers your clothes came with but the awkward varying sizes take up space and can even damage your clothing. You’re better off leaving the free hangers in the shop and purchasing a set of velvet ones; they’re sleek and streamlined, and the furry texture creates a non-stick surface that prevents your clothes falling to the bottom of your wardrobe. Switching to uniform hangers will make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for and prevent your clothes from becoming wrinkled, crushed, or misshapen.

3 | Drawer Dividers

Especially useful for delicates, dividers will help keep smaller items of clothing like lingerie and accessories organised within your drawers. You could buy cubbies and dividers, or make your own using boxes and cardboard segments. If you have limited drawer space, hanging organisers for the inside of wardrobe doors will enable you to keep all your smaller items compact and organised, and your bedroom clutter-free.

4 | The Art of Rolling

Anything that can’t (or shouldn’t) be hung in your wardrobe should be rolled, not folded. The rolling method for storing clothes saves space and prevents a jumbled mess when you’re taking out or putting back clothing. Here’s a guide to folding your clothes that covers everything from tees, dresses, knitwear, socks, and even bed sheets. Learning what clothes to fold and how to fold them (to prevent wrinkles) will save significant space in your wardrobe and drawers.

5 | A Hook Rail

If you find you’re tempted to throw your clothing over a space chair, over the bed, or worse on the floor; utilising the space on the back of your door by using a hook rail is the perfect solution to saving space and hiding clutter. This space can be used to hang lightly worn but not dirty clothing, keeping them separate from your clean clothes. It keeps clothing off the floor and hides them out of view without making them awkward to access.

6 | Shoe Storage

If you have a large collection of shoes storing them all can be a pain. Stacking shoe boxes means shuffling everything around just to find the right pair, and keeping all your shoes in view can be messy and you’ll quickly run out of space. The simplest solution is to make use of a shoe rack, if your wardrobe is big enough to fit one. If you’re struggling for space, drop font stackable shoe boxes are a better option. You’ll be able to see exactly what you need and prevent a pile of shoes accumulating all over your home.

Making The Most of Wardrobe Space