Where To Buy Plants

My Favourite Places To Buy Plants

Plants look beautiful in your home; they have health benefits that can purify the air and boost your mood and plants can transform your space into a green oasis. But where do you buy them? I’ve been asked quite a few times where I get all my plants from. Whether you’re looking for low-maintenance common houseplants or more unique foliage, these are my favourite places to shop for plants.

My Favourite Places To Buy Plants My Favourite Places To Buy Plants

Botanical Gardens

If you’re keen on getting your hands on some unusual plant types, head to your nearest botanical gardens and have a browse of their plants for sale. It’s often free to enter the gift and garden shop without having pay the entrance fee to the gardens themselves. You’ll often discover unique varieties of plants for sales especially succulents, cacti, and ferns for surprisingly good prices.


You can pick up some great plants at supermarkets. Although they’re often labelled wrong or not at all, supermarkets offer really great plants at super cheap prices. Just make sure to double check the plant you’re buying is healthy; the stress of being transported can sometimes mean the plants aren’t always in the best of conditions and you don’t want to get one home only to find it dies after a few days.

My Favourite Places To Buy Plants My Favourite Places To Buy Plants


eBay is especially great if you’re trying to hunt down specific plants that can be tricky to get in shops. You’ll also find common plants for a lot cheaper being sold online. If you’re having trouble tracking down a specific plant variety, eBay is a good place to narrow down your search. The only downside to buying plants online is they can arrive in poor condition or even die in transport, and you won’t see the plant until it arrives. It’s better to buy mature plants than plantlings as they’ll have more chance of surviving.

Local Independents

Support your local independent plants shops and florists! Almost every city or town will have a plant shop of some kind and it’s important to support these small businesses whenever we can. It may be slightly more expensive than shopping online or in big garden centres but the trade off is more knowledgeable staff and a better selection of plants. Isherwood & Co. is a tiny shop nestled inside CANEat in Stirchley, Birmingham and one of my favourite places to shop for plants locally.

My Favourite Places To Buy Plants