Choosing The Right Glasses For You

Choosing The Right Glasses For You

Glasses frames are such a personal accessory. Nice frames don't come cheap so finding the right pair can be a huge decision; pick the wrong ones and you're stuck with them for years.

My glasses play a huge role in my personal style. The first pair I ever invested in were a pair of refurbished vintage half black half tortoiseshell frames. They made me realise glasses don't just have to be something you wear because you have to, they can play an important role in your personal style.

If you've always stuck to the same frame shape and never really experimented with a variety of styles, order some home trials (they're free!) and try a few different frames out. You might have to wear your glasses out of necessity, like I do, but that doesn't mean you can't love them like any other accessory.

Choosing The Right Glasses For You

After The Eye Test

Glasses are an investment and while it's likely your optician will try to encourage you to buy a pair on the day of your eye test, don't be scared to ask for a copy of your prescription so you can buy frames elsewhere. (Opticians don't have to provide your pupillary distance but don't worry, there are plenty of ways to measure it yourself!)

Buying glasses online gives you more choice and is often a much cheaper option. It's even possible to purchase frames and have lenses put into them, like I did with my first vintage pair. Opticians are getting shadier though and finding somewhere that is happy to do this can be a bother.

Ever since wearing a pair of vintage frames, having eyewear that stands out has been important to me. If you're looking for frames that no one else will have, Peep Eyewear offer fully refurbished vintage eyewear. Each pair is unique, you can try them on at home with their home trial service, and the frames are customisable. So if you want any tints or graduations, or just want to buy the frames without a prescription, you can.

Choosing The Right Glasses For You

Looking For The Perfect Glasses

You'll probably have an idea of what style of frames you like the look of but it's worth being open to ideas. Frames tend to look very different from person to person so finding a pair of glasses that suit your face shape, complexion, hair colour, and style can take a while to figure out.

I personally don't subscribe to the idea that certain face shapes should only wear certain frame shapes. You'll definitely find specific shapes will suit your face and style more than others but every pair of frames is slightly different; you never know how they are going to look until you try them on.

If you find more often than not that a certain shape of frame doesn't suit you - if you're in love with the style, don't be put off! Keep looking. I love round frames but every pair I tried on was either too small or the wrong colour or not my style. It took me over a year to find the right pair. There are so many variables when it comes to glasses frames - height, width, style, colour, shape, and materials - and those variables change style from year to year. Finding the winning combination can take a while.

Frame Shapes

Knowing the names of the most common frame shapes may help you narrow down your search for the perfect pair. Your skin tone and hair colour will also affect how frames will look on you so remember to try the same frame shape in different colours and materials.

Aviators: An iconic and classic style of glasses with a curved square frame. They add height and width to the face making them suit most face shapes.

Wayfarers: Another iconic frame shape with a trapezoid shape and thick arms that often suits most faces.

Cat Eye: A throwback to 50s and 60s glamour, these frames are quite dramatic with flared corners and a retro appearance.

Horn-rimmed or Browline: Clean and sharp although a little wider than other frames so they draw more attention to the brow. These often suit symmetrical, more square faces.

Rimless, or Semi-Rimless: Sleek and modern, these frames are fairly small and discreet making them classic office wear.

Oval: These frames help soften angular features terrible for round faces.

Round: These frames have slim arms and narrow bridges that give a vintage, arty look.

Choosing The Right Glasses For You

My New Glasses

I wear my glasses all day every day so when I accidentally snapped the arms on my eye wear I found myself on (slightly panicked) hunt for new ones. I had already been looking to update my frames for a while and I was dead-set on round frames even though, despite every pair I tried on, none suited me.

Peep Eyewear got in touch and offer to help. The husband and wife team provide fully refurbished vintage optical glasses and vintage sunglasses, with or without prescription, and a reglazing service for any vintage frames you already own. They're an environmentally conscious brand with a donate and recycle scheme for your old frames that are sent to Vision Aid Overseas - you could even receive a £20 voucher off your new pair. Peep Eyewear also works with Trees For Cities, a charity working to create greener cities.

Home trials are fantastic for letting you try the frames on in a more personal setting with access to your entire wardrobe so you can switch up your outfit. I was asked what I was looking for and what type of frames I prefer, and the selection I received were exactly the sort of frame shape I'd wear. The tortoiseshell ones were especially lovely but I absolutely fell in love with a pair of vintage Polo by Ralph Lauren frames.

They were exactly what I had been looking for all this time and when I put them on they were just right. The frames are slightly oversized yet delicate and thin. The matt gold stands out just enough against my dark hair and pale skin without being jarring. All the troubles I'd had with similar frames weren't apparent with this pair - they're perfect!

Peep Eyewear are currently offering free UK/EU returns to celebrate the launch of their vintage prescription glasses so if you're looking for new frames, now is a good opportunity! A few of my favourites on the site right now are the classy Magpie by Morel frames with gorgeous grey marbling, keyhole bridge, and French style, the cute baby pink Blush frames with a full round, supersized shape and the fun Essie frames with their peaches and cream colour and 80s vibe!

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Choosing The Right Glasses For You