What I've Learned About Style In My 30s

What I've Learned About Style In My 30s

Style is something I’ve become increasingly interested in the older I’ve become. Over the past few years I've focused on making better purchasing decisions, learning about ethical fashion, and building a cohesive, neutral wardrobe. I wouldn’t call myself ‘stylish’; I'm not interested in trends, labels, or catwalks but I’ve definitely developed my own personal style. If I was pushed to describe it I guess my style would simply be called ‘minimal fashion’ although I’m not entirely sure it’s that easy to pin down. I’ve learned a lot about outfit styling especially in my 30s where I’ve become much more confident as a person and therefore much more comfortable in the clothes that I wear.

I Love Neutral Basics

I like to my outfits to be carefully considered but I’m not interested in making a statement. It’s all about those natural basics for me; I can’t ever get enough A-line dresses, black jumpers, and fitted cardigans. Mostly everything I wear is black or a dark navy with the odd light colour thrown in for contrast. While my wardrobe might seem a little boring to the colour-lovers out there, every item works together nicely. My wardrobe is cohesive and complimentary meaning I get lots of wear out of every single piece.

Colours and Prints Aren’t For Me

Prints and patterns aren’t worth falling in love with, they date quickly making them a bad choice for a long-lasting minimal wardrobe so I mostly avoid them. The closest I get to wearing prints is a Breton top or polka-dot shirt (although I still feel like Beetlejuice whenever I wear stripes!) Any colour in my wardrobe comes in the form of muted tones like grey, camel, and navy. I like to reserve colour for outerwear like coats and scarves, and keep my main outfit simple. Colours and prints aren't for me and I'm OK with that.

What I've Learned About Style In My 30s

I Should Experiment More

When I say ‘experiment’ I don’t necessarily mean trying out new clothing styles (although that is a wardrobe resolution of mine) but rather simply trying new combinations from my existing wardrobe. Like most people, I get into a groove of wearing the same outfits repeatedly because I know they look good and are easy to wear. I get so comfortable with certain outfits, in fact, that I forget to experiment with what I own. I'm a creature of habit when it comes to style so when I do try something new I’m amazed I hadn’t tried it sooner.

Accessories Are Best Kept Minimal

I like my outfits to be fuss-free and find too many accessories - a bag, a hat, or lots of jewellery - can add bulk to an outfit meaning you end up tugging, untangling, and readjusting yourself throughout the day. If I don’t have to I won’t carry a bag and I like to keep my jewellery simple. I always repeat the Coco Chanel quote: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off.” I wouldn't say I entirely agree with that quote but it's inadvertently affected my style.

I Don’t Care For Flattering Silhouettes

I’m very comfortable wearing what I like, when I want, and I think this confidence just comes with age; the older you get the less you’re bothered by what other people think. I’m not particularly interested in whether something flatters my body shape, I only care whether I enjoy the way something looks and how I’ve styled it. Style is as much about confidence as it is the clothes you wear. It’s really important to have a wardrobe that makes you feel good about yourself and, for me, that has nothing to do with “dressing for your body shape”.

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What I've Learned About Style In My 30s