Lingerie That Fits With Aikyou

Lingerie That Fits With Aikyou

Lingerie is so personal. We all have our own preferences on style and unique body shapes that require a very specific fit, something most stores just don’t consider. The very nature of lingerie means you can’t really try before you buy so how are you supposed to find the right fit? The process demands plenty of trial and error and a fair bit of money spent. You often end up with ill-fitting or not-quite-right underwear.

Trying to find lingerie that is well made from high quality materials requires a leap of faith when it comes to the fit, comfort, and, of course, cost. It’s a risk we all have to take and nice underthings do not come cheap. That’s why I have a tendency to put off making new purchases for as long as possible. I just can’t face the frustration of trying to find lingerie that is ethically made and comfortable to wear, only to take the risk and find it just doesn’t fit. I’ve yet to find an ethical source of knickers in the style that I find comfortable. I have, however, discovered a brand that knows how to take care of women with smaller busts: Aikyou.

Aikyou have designed a range of lingerie that is feminine and sexy without using padding or push-ups, comfortable to wear and responsibly made. Each piece is beautifully designed with special cuts and fine materials so that it fits you rather than demanding you fit into it. I ordered the Stella Décolleté Bra* designed to emphasis the neck and collarbone. If you’re a smaller breasted woman and you’re looking to update your lingerie, this is why I think you should consider Aikyou.

Lingerie That Fits With Aikyou


The Stella Décolleté Bra has a plunging cut with overlapping tulle to create delicate layers of fabric. If you’re worried that it might feel scratchy against the skin, don’t be. The lingerie is designed so well the fabric feels wonderfully soft against your skin while looking more than just a little black bra. The Stella Bra has a very feminine design that has a subtle sensuality to it. The material is certified organic and Fairtrade cotton with elastane so it’s not only soft but skin-friendly, and you can really feel it. The bra feels light, comfortable, and supportive. It looks delicate but isn’t flimsy as you’ve come to expect from such skimpy underthings. You can tell every aspect of how lingerie needs to fit a woman has been considered, from the materials used to the style and its design. This bra feels as good as it looks.

Size and Fit

While underwire bras offer full support they can be uncomfortable; soft-cup bras, on the other hand, tend to be very comfortable yet offer little or no support. The Stella Décolleté Bra does both. There are no wires to dig in or rub and irritate your skin, just a simple elasticated band to hold you in place so you feel comfortable and supported. The flexible material makes for a natural fit as the fabric sits close to your skin, not too tight, and fits in all the right places. When I first tried it on I shouted, “this is the best bra I’ve ever worn” and I wasn’t lying. It is.

While the material is stretchy allowing it to adapt to your body, the straps themselves are not adjustable. If you have a short torso, you may find the straps are a little too long and if you do not pick the right size the band may be too loose to support you or too tight it’s uncomfortable. Fortunately Aikyou’s size guide is clear and accurate. My cup size falls in-between the Medium and Large so I chose the Medium based on measurements the guide provides. It ended up being the perfect fit. If you’re unsure, Aikyou’s customer service is fantastic and they can advise you on the best fit like they did for me.


Sustainability is important to Aikyou. They are dedicated to conscious and responsible production, working with local suppliers who have a transparent supply chain. Aikyou use Fairtrade and certified organic cotton as their main material, which is spun, knitted, and dyed in the same country; design and cutting happens on site while the final product is finished in Croatia. Aikyou ensure their processes from production to packaging is vegan-friendly and their methods are as eco-friendly as they can make them; this includes using green electricity, second-hand cartons and recyclable packaging, and delivery by DHL GoGreen. Aikyou also have 'prosthesis bras’ because even after surgery women deserve to feel beautiful. If you want to read more, Aikyou have a page on their website dedicated to their ethical principles.

Lingerie That Fits With Aikyou

Final Thoughts

I’m so enamoured with my Stella Décolleté Bra. I suppose that’s what happens when you discover that it is indeed possible to own and wear bras that look beautiful, feel comfortable and actually provide support. There are no compromises being made here. I’m so happy in fact I’ve decide to treat myself to another in the same style but different colour because I haven’t wanted to take this one off. Even though women with larger breasts are often ignored by lingerie brands so too are women with smaller busts. The same design made smaller does not always fit or function in the same way and so, brands like Aikyou, are much needed. I don’t want lace or padding, push-ups or underwires, to make me feel feminine; I just want a bra that fits me and looks beautiful. Aikyou’s lingerie range is simplistic yet sensual, beautiful yet functional. Like I said, I love mine so much I’ll be buying another and eagerly awaiting its arrival.

What are your favourite lingerie brands?

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Lingerie That Fits With Aikyou