A Travel Capsule for a Long Weekend Away

A Packing List For Brighton

This trip was a brief weekend away. Two nights on the Kent coast, and two nights in Brighton. Most of my time would be spent catching up with friends, admiring the city, and enjoying the local independent bars, restaurants, and shops. I've written a dog-friendly guide to Brighton if you're considering taking a trip there yourself.

For a short trip away, I try to keep my travel capsule wardrobe to a maximum of 10 items. Not for any other reason than that is generally all I need. From experience I've learned, travelling light is so much easier. Packing extras "just in case" ends up in the unnecessary task of lugging a heavy backpack to and from the accommodation, with much of the contents remaining untouched.

My travel capsule is compact yet versatile. I've learned to pick my favourite clothes, and leave any new items at home. Travelling is not the time to experiment with new outfits or styles. Always opt for comfortable combinations you know work and are easy to wear. This is my packing list for a long weekend in Spring; two nights on the Kent coast, two days in Brighton.

A Packing List For Brighton


Trench Coat, Everlane (gifted, 2021)

A lightweight coat is a must for a trip by the seaside. Even on the hottest of summer days, there's a risk of the evening suddenly turning cold. Having a coat to shield you from sea spray proves useful too, when admiring the view from the pier or atop the cliffs. The trench is a classic wardrobe staple, and Everlane's double-breasted drape trench is a wonderful choice. Slightly oversized, there's room to layer underneath.


Cropped Vest, ASOS (thrifted, 2022)

I thrifted a couple of knitted vests recently, which are proving to be great spring/summer additions. I'm enjoying the non-committal colour it adds to my wardrobe, and the versatility it provides when the weather changes. For this trip, I packed a cropped vest, which despite having a cute-casual pattern, actually dresses up nicely. It hits me perfectly at my naturally high waist accentuating my hourglass figure, making outfits look smarter without compromising on comfort.


Linen Shirt, Everlane (gifted, 2022)
Cotton Shirt, Unknown (thrifted, 2022)

Two loose, oversized shirts that can be worn alone in the sunshine or with a vest over the top if it gets cold. Either way they're easy to wear and look great. Comfortable and casual yet make it appear like you've made an effort. Wearing them over trousers and sandals, with or without a vest, has become my favourite summer outfit. One I thrifted, the other was gifted.


Barrel Pants, Everlane (gifted, 2022)

I've worn these almost to death because of how comfortable they are. Loose through the leg with a nipped in waist, these trousers are smart yet easy to wear. They're are a good choice for travelling as they have proven themselves to be comfy yet dress-uppable. They do loosen up quite a lot with wear, which only makes them even more enjoyable.


Wrap Dress, COS (thrifted, 2021)
This dress is one of the best clothes I've thrifted. It's proven its versatility as I've worn it on casual days out as well as dinner dates. So it instantly went on my packing list for this trip. Knowing my time in Brighton would be quite relaxed, wandering the city and enjoying the local restaurants and bars; I wanted the option of a dress that could be taken from day to night. This dress fits the bill perfectly.


Shoes, Dr Martens (purchased, 2014)
Sandals, Dr Martens (thrifted, 2021)

Dr.Martens have never let me down when it comes to practicality and comfort. I thrifted these like-new sandals at the end of the previous summer, and I've been eager wearing them as often as possible. They're tough and durable yet somehow manage to dress up a casual outfit and dress down one that might otherwise be too fancy. I did consider packing trainers but wanted the versatility a good pair of shoes provides. My 1461 shoes are the oldest and most heavily worn shoes in my wardrobe, for good reason. Practical and reliable for any trip.


Crossbody, Everlane (gifted, 2021)

I hate having to put up with a bag that bumps against your side or fuss over straps that keep falling off the shoulder. If I'm going to carry a bag, I want one that I can forget is even there. The Everlane Crossbody carries everything I need (including the dog's essentials) plus an extra tote (I love the Baggu Happy Shopper) for impromptu grocery supplies or charity shop purchases.


Sustainable Jewellery, Oh My Clumsy Heart

Jewellery always plays a large role in my wardrobe. That doesn't change even when I'm travelling. Having minimal jewellery that goes with everything is a must. One thing that makes packing jewellery a lot easier and safer is having a multi-clasp to store necklaces on when they're not being worn. I keep my favourites - the ball necklace and raw moonstone necklace - attached at all times.