A Packing List For Dogs: Pet Travel Essentials

A Packing List For Dogs: Pet Travel Essentials

As we enter into the warmer months, day trips and travel plans are likely to become a more regular occurrence. I'm excited about spring outings and summer holidays with my companion. I thought it would be a cute idea to share what my dog travel essentials are for a comfortable trip.

Even if you're not travelling very far, there are a few pet travel essentials that you should always consider taking. This list works for short trips, or week long holidays. If you want to know more about travelling with a dog, what to consider and how to stay safe, this post has it all.

The following packing list is for shorter trips within your country of origin, rather than international travel. Bear that in mind when putting together your own packing list as you might need pet passports and vaccine paperwork, as well as extra items like medication and muzzles.

Dog Bag

This isn't necessary although I find it useful. Keeping all your dog's belongings together in one bag makes finding what you need so much easier. My Kanken Mini is now a travel bag for the dog. It has just enough room to store everything he needs for a short trip. Food, treats, toys, and leads all squeeze into this tiny backpack. A tote bag would work just as well.

Food and Treats

To avoid having to buy food or treats when you travel (and risk an upset stomach) it's best to stick to what your dog prefers. I weigh out how much we'll need for each day of the trip,and store it an airtight container. If you're travelling for a long time, it might be worth switching to a dog food that's readily available everywhere just in case you run out. You may also need to pack a mat too if your dog is a messy eater. Lily's Kitchen and Yora have proven to be favourites in this household, as have the Denzel's Plant-Based Bites. I store them in a repurposed glass jar or plastic tub, and treats go in a snack pouch.

Food and Water Bowls

If possible, pack your dog's existing bowls. They might be a little too bulky or heavy for travel though, like the ceramic ones I use. A collapsible travel bowl is a great alternative. These flat pack bowls are excellent for squeezing into a bag without taking up much space. I only pack one and use it for both food and water. Don't forget a reusable water bottle for keeping your dog hydrated when out and about.

A Packing List For Dogs: Pet Travel Essentials

Home Comforts

Pack your companion's favourite toys and bedding to keep them comfortable and at ease when travelling. If your dog likes to sleep in their bed, it might be worth packing that too. It'll make the journey more comfortable for your companion. I always take the dog's waterproof bed, which is washable and has a removable cushion. I also like to pack 2-3 different toys including a plushie, squeaker, and ball. These come in handy when entertainment is needed in environments dogs find boring.

Extra Leads

Depending on where you're travelling and what you're doing, extra leads might be necessary. It's also a good idea to have a spare in case you misplace one or it breaks. Lots of places require dogs be kept on short leads, even in green spaces, and safety during night time walks is crucial. I pack three leads when I travel: a standard short lead for pavement walking, a long line lead for playing (where it's not possible to be safely off-lead), and a reflective lead for night time walks.

Waste Bags

Cleaning up after your dog is important wherever you go, and there are plenty of eco-friendly waste bags to choose from. My choice is the Beco Poop Bags. These zero waste dog care essentials are made from cornstarch and can be composted at home, if you have the facilities to do so. I keep these along with treats and a ball in a crossbody bag for easy accessibility when out on walks.

Cleaning Products

If you're staying in rented accommodation, such as an AirBnB, you may need to pack some dog cleaning supplies to leave the place as you found it. A pet hair remover and odor remover are the basic essentials to ensure no trace of your companion is left behind. I recommend the Pro Pooch Pet Stain & Odour Remover, and a Natural Rubber Lint Brush for removing hair. For pet-friendly hotels it's unlikely you'll need to pack these items.

Crate, Carrier, or Seat Belt

This is especially important when driving or for nervous dogs who need some space. Whatever your dog feels comfortable with, whether that's travelling in a crate or carrier, or secured with a seat belt; make sure you and your pet travel safely with an option that works for you both. Something I'm considering investing in for longer journeys is a dog car harness that has been crash-tested.

A Packing List For Dogs: Pet Travel Essentials

Grooming Supplies

Not all dogs will need these items but anyone with a long-haired or double-coated dog will know a comb and brush are essentials even when travelling. I recommend the Pet Teezer brushes and Groomers Metal Comb if you're looking for dog grooming option. I also pack a Pro Pooch Detangling Spray as it helps maintain long fur in between grooming, reduces brushing time, and prevents tangles.

A Rain Coat

In my experience, it's not so much the dog getting wet that's the issue (unless your dog really dislikes the rain!) It's drying off, particularly long haired dogs, which is inconvenient when travelling. If your dog wears a harness, it's a good idea to protect it from getting soaked and becoming uncomfortable for your dog to wear. I've heard good things about Equafleeve if you want something practical and full coverage. Alternatively, you could opt for something cuter like I did with this Ellie Zip-Up Raincoat. It has reflective buttons, pockets for waste bags or treats, and a removable hood.

A Towel

A good thing to have to hand for wiping wet paws and drying off damp fur. If the weather turns sour and your dog gets wet, you're less likely to be accepted into bars or restaurants and more likely to cause a mess in your travel accommodation. I always throw a towel into the footwell of the car to cover us in case of car sickness or changes in the weather that might otherwise lead to a messy interior.

A Laundry Bag

Accidents happen and it's best to be prepared. Pack a laundry bag to throw any soiled items, such as dirty towels, blankets, toys, and other items, to keep them separate from everything else. An antimicrobial laundry bag would be the best option, to kill germs and keep smells at bay. Although an old tote or thick pillowcase would work in a pinch. I find my Guppyfriend Washing Bag (which I no longer use for my laundry!) does the trick.

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A Packing List For Dogs: Pet Travel Essentials A Packing List For Dogs: Pet Travel Essentials