My Sustainable Jewellery Essentials

My Sustainable Jewellery Essentials

Jewellery plays a huge role in style when you have a capsule wardrobe. Fewer clothes mean fewer outfit combos (although still a great deal more than you'd expect!) When you keep your style relatively fuss-free, I've found jewellery adds a special touch that can completely change a outfit. A matching jewellery set takes a daytime outfit and turns it into a dinner date appropriate one. Whereas a pair of simple studs or layered necklaces makes a casual outfit more interesting.

Jewellery is just as important to a capsule wardrobe as clothing essentials but it's not talked about anywhere near as much. They pull together a wardrobe, and make everything look more cohesive—more you. Sticking to simple designs made from quality metals is a good rule to follow when choosing jewellery pieces you'll wear everyday. Even if you're more keen on statement jewellery, these don't have to be trend-led. Having a bold necklace or even several rings you can stack will help unlock more ways to wear your wardrobe.

My Sustainable Jewellery Essentials

I have a jewellery capsule with a small selection of minimal pieces I wear daily. Even though I have my own studio, I try not to keep too many for myself, and stick to my absolute favourites. Occasionally a new jewellery design speaks to me, and I add it into my capsule wardrobe. I launched a Zero Waste Jewellery collection where customer returns, samples, and seconds are sold at a discount to reduce waste. This is where I've gained most of my jewellery pieces from.

There are no real rules about wearing jewellery although I do find a person's complexion and the clothing they wear can influence whether gold or silver looks better. I tend to stick to gold jewellery with minimal pieces that can be easily be stacked or layered for a bolder appearance when I need it. These are the sustainable jewellery essentials I keep in my capsule wardrobe.

My Sustainable Jewellery Essentials

Necklace Detangler

I like to layer my necklaces, and the one way to keep them tangle-free is to use a necklace detangler. I always keep my most-worn necklaces attached for ease of wear. It means you can put on and take off your necklaces in one go, without having to unclip all of the individual clasps. I have the 2-row detangler, which is enough for me. If you want to layer more necklaces, there's a 3-row detangler available too. This is how to stop necklaces from tangling while wearing them.


A snake chain is the perfect everyday choice for me. It's a classic that never dates. The barely-there chain looks great worn alone, which is usually how I style it particularly with higher necks. My favourite necklaces to layer are the Ball Necklace with the Medallion Necklace or Moonstone Raw Crystal Necklace. I switch between them depending on the outfit, and they look fantastic together. An easy way to get more from your jewellery options is to have a mix of delicate chains and bold pendants. That way you can wear them alone for the simplicity, or layer them up for more impact. I'm tempted to add a Daisy Necklace into my capsule too, as it's such a pretty, dainty little piece and is the perfect Spring/Summer jewellery.


I don't wear earrings all that often as I have sensitive ears that even gold and silver can irritate. So I reserve these for evenings out. Just like with necklaces, when choosing earrings it's a good idea to think about how they can we worn together. If you opt for a mix of versatile studs and hoops alongside more statement earrings, you'll be able to style them in multiple ways. Wear alone as everyday jewellery essentials or stack them for more impact. I have a pair of basic studs, and classic hoops as well as a pair of statement earrings. I love the movement of these Circle & Bar drop earrings; they add the final touch to any evening outfit.


I never take these three rings off. I wear them every single day. Even though the best way to care for your jewellery is to remove jewellery to avoid damage! A thick unisex band on my right hand, and a dainty diamond ring layered with a custom-made wedding band on my left. This woven ring was custom-made by a friend, although I have a similar design in my shop. If I'm wearing jewellery everyday and never taking it off, I want the designs to be lightweight and versatile. These rings never look out of place, and always go with whatever outfit I'm wearing.

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My Sustainable Jewellery Essentials My Sustainable Jewellery Essentials