A Slow Travel Checklist

May 09, 2019

A Slow Travel Checklist

I'm a last minute packer. It's not because I hate packing or I'm so absent minded I forget. No, after years of packing light and only travelling with a carry-on bag, I'm familiar with exactly what I need to take with me and what I should leave behind. I thought it would be useful to share with you my travel packing list; the list I have saved to my phone so I can check everything off as I pack it. It includes everything from the essentials right down to the extras you may or may not need depending on the destination. This handy checklist will come in useful if you're planning some trips and need to be strict about what you put in your bag. It'll not only help you to pack light but to reduce waste too. Download the list the keep it on your phone like I do or pin it to your travel board on Pinterest for future reference.

Printable Travel Checklist

A Slow Travel Checklist
A Slow Travel Checklist A Slow Travel Checklist

Useful Tips for Packing Like A Minimalist:

Having the right bag makes all the difference. You can plan out what you're going to wear, choose only the essential beauty products, and leave all the "just in case" items out; if the bag isn't right, it's not going to work. No matter how well you choose the items you're going to pack, trying to squeeze all your stuff into inadequately proportioned luggage is going to be a struggle you'd rather not deal with. Believe me, I know.

I've been using a 9L backpack (not at all designed for travel) for everything from overnight stays to week long vacations and while I've managed to just about squeeze everything I need to take with me; it's a relief to finally have some wiggle room now I've upgraded. I opted for the Faroe Backpack, which comes with packing cubes, shoe bag (so useful!), and an airport security compliant wash bag. Even if I'm only packing for a weekend away, having such well-designed hand luggage has made a world of difference. Comfortable to wear and easy to carry; the backpack has organizational features designed to make travel easier. There's two main compartments: one for your clothes, one for electronics and accessories with a suspended laptop compartment. The backpack opens flat maximising space and ensuring you can see everything you pack. There's a passport pouch at the top of the bag so no more digging around at the last minute to find it with enough space to house small accessories (like your wallet, sunglasses, and keys); a separate pouch to slide your toiletry bag in and out of at security, and two accessible, stretchable side pockets for a water bottle and umbrella.

Unlike the backpack I was previously using, the Faroe Backpack is cabin approved and specifically designed for travel with all the extra design features that make makes packing light and travelling smart so effortless – all you have to do is choose where you're going nad what you're going to pack.

The items in this post were gifted from Arcido.

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A Slow Travel Checklist

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