Refresh For Spring

Refresh For Spring

Spring is one of my favourite seasons; I love feeling the weather getting warmer, the shift in light and how it makes my apartment look, the lengthening of the days slowly but noticeably, and seeing all the plants (indoors and out) growing again. Spring presents the opportunity to refresh everything from the clothes we wear to the food we eat. Over the winter months I find myself settling into certain routines that, while appropriate for the colder weather, gets a little tiresome after a while. When spring rolls around I'm ready to break those habits and switch things up. These are the simple things I'm doing to ease myself into spring.

Seasonal food. With the joy of a new season comes with it the joy of new seasonal foods to eat. While I'm always trying to mix things up by learning new recipes; I think we all rely on a handful of familiar dishes that we return to over and over especially throughout the winter months. When spring arrives I'm ready to switch hearty soup for noodle salads, and reintroduce spring fruits into my fruit bowl*. I don't meal plan per se but I do shift my diet and plan my shopping around seasonal produce, and spring is no exception.

A new reading list. My habit of borrowing books from the library means I've been racing through them this year so I've found myself in need of a fresh new reading list. I've mostly been requesting books at the library and, when I've gone to pick them up, grabbed a couple extra that catch my attention from the shelves. If you're curious about what I've read this year or I'm currently reading, I regularly share my progress on GoodReads and on Instagram Stories.

Plant care. One of my favourite things about spring is tending to my houseplants again. Over winter most of them go dormant and it's so beautiful to literally see everything springing back to life; sprouting new leaves and blossoming. It's the busiest time of year when caring for houseplants and I revel in being able to indulge in my favourite hobby again. Throughout the next few months I'll be repotting plants, propagating cuttings, and buying new plants.

Reducing screen time. I'm making a concerted effort to break the habit of circling around the same few apps every time I have a spare moment and to use social media more mindfully. I go from my email inbox to Instagram to Twitter and back round again; it's a habit that is incredibly frustrating. I've deleted several apps (including Twitter) and I've started leaving my phone in another room in the hopes of reducing screen time–and it's working! Instead, whenever I find myself looking for something to do, I reach for a book resulting in a lot more books being read this year.

Deep cleaning. Spring cleaning is such a cliche yet it's one I fully subscribe to. I love opening all the windows, putting away the heavy sheets and blankets, switching up the interior styling, changing my home fragrance from sandalwood to jasmine, and deep cleaning all the corners of my home. It feels so refreshing to allow the fresh air back in after a stuffy winter in dry, central heated rooms. The novelty of spring is never lost to me; I'll never tire of the feeling I get from my apartment in spring.

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Refresh For Spring