A Travel Capsule for a Weekend in London

A Packing List For A Weekend In London

Although small, my family is spread across the UK so when a rare opportunity for all of us to get together becomes a possibility, we take it. My partner and I went down to London to stay with my sister, her partner, and my parents to celebrate both mine and my mother's birthday – albeit a month early!

It was a whistle-stop trip consisting of two days and one night with plans to see art exhibitions, take a walk in the local gardens, and a celebratory birthday dinner. Packing for this trip was stripped right back to the bare essentials because we'd only be in London briefly.

Since I only had a spare top, a pair of sunglasses, and underthings to pack, I could squeeze everything I needed, along with makeup and skincare, into a Mini (child's!) Backpack by Fjällräven. For that reason, I've included personal products in this packing list so you can see exactly what I take with me on a weekend away.

A Packing List For A Weekend In London

Oversized Shirt by People Tree (gifted). Since I knew I'd be heading straight from the station to meet my family, I wanted something comfortable to wear on the train that would look smart enough when we headed to the restaurant. I wear this with the top buttons undone, sleeves rolled up, and shirt tied at the front.

Linen Top by Hobbs (second-hand). The extra shirt folds up real small and while linen has a terrible habit of creasing, the creases easily fall out if you leave it hanging overnight or in the bathroom while you shower. It looks great with a French tuck making it comfortable yet still dressed up.

Wide Leg Trousers by Uniqlo (second-hand). These have quickly become a favourite in my wardrobe. It's amazing what a difference tailoring makes to the fit and feel of your clothes. Having a pair of trousers that actually fit after so many years has opened up so many new styling options. They're the perfect pick for a sunny weekend away as they're lightweight, comfy, and all I have to do is switch out the top for a new outfit. The People Shop have a very similar pair of linen trousers if you're in need.

Duster Jacket by Elizabeth Suzann (gifted). It's a much more streamlined alternative to the traditional trench jacket with a modern, minimalist look. This is a favourite in my wardrobe, one I've worn for years, and reach for time and again for its versatility and style.

Belt by ASOS. This is similar. The linen/cotton trousers have a tendency to relax and loosen up after a few hours wear so adding a belt keeps them looking smart.

Sunglasses by Marc Jacobs (gifted) Classic cat eye sunglasses with a twist; I love the cut-out frames. Packing sunglasses means I also have to pack contact lenses, which is totally worth it when the sun is shining. These are pretty good alternative.

Jewellery: Classic Studs and Bar Necklace by Oh My Clumsy Heart. The vertical bar necklace looks super chic with an open shirt and you can't go wrong with a pair of simple studs.

Sandals by Birkenstock. Comfy-chic or ugly; whatever your opinion, these sandals are great for city trips where you'll be walking a lot in the sunshine. I'm not ashamed to admit I'll be wearing these with socks if I have to, anything to avoid packing a second pair of shoes!

Cleanser and Moisturiser by Dr. Jackson's (gifted). I keep a hold of miniature sized skincare products for use when I travel (and keep the empty pots for refilling). On this trip, I packed a tiny Coconut Melt that's ideal for removing make-up as well as moisturising the skin. Multi-use products are so useful for when you need to pack light.

Face Cloth by Vesta Living (gifted). These dry quicker than my cotton rounds, which is perfect for when you need to pack your bag the very next day. I gently wring them out after use and leave them to dry.

Perfume by Eden Perfumes. Adore smells exactly like J'Adore except vegan-friendly. Eden Perfumes provides affordable, cruelty-free alternatives to designer fragrances and I can't recommend them enough. I've been sent perfume by this brand before but have since purchased my own bottles because I love it so much.

Deodorant. One of the very few natural deodorants that actually works. It lasts all day for me, even in the summer heat, and has a lovely scent. The only other natural deodorant to work for me is a crystal deodorant.

Make-Up. If you want to know exactly what I pack, this post reveals everything about my minimalist make-up collection.