Travel Accessories To Help Pack Light and Avoid Waste

Travel Accessories To Help Pack Light and Avoid Waste

I've discovered travel accessories play an important role in simplifying travel and sidestepping waste when we're away from home. It can be a struggle to pack everything you need while adhering to travel regulations without leaving a trail of waste behind you; although there are some tips and tricks that make it easier. If you're curious about packing light, these are the travel accessories I trust to simplify my travel plans and sidestep waste.


Arcido Faroe Backpack

Having a bag designed specifically for travellers for who prefer cabin luggage only makes packing a dream. The Arcido Faroe Backpack is water resistant, weighs less than 2lb, has a 35L capacity, and has been designed with intuitive organisation in mind to make packing easier, quicker, and simpler. I gave this bag a test run when I took a short weekend break in the UK. The bag opens up flat so there's no rummaging around to find what you need, and the well-designed interior means everything stays exactly where the put it. There's even a special waterproof pocket for toiletries, which eliminates any worry of a broken bottle leaking all over your clothes. I'm excited to take this bag with me on longer trips where I'm certain it'll make packing a whole lot easier.

Wash Bag

Arcido Washbag

After several failed attempts at packing a wash bag that would actually make its way through airport security; I've found one that's actually compliant with regulations and can hold my small but essential collection of toiletries so I can avoid the disposable airport bags we all know and hate. The relief of not having to empty your personal wash bag and squeeze everything into a flimsy plastic bag (that will likely burst at the seams) makes having a reliable wash bag earn its place of my travel accessories essentials list. This wash bag by Arcido is a sturdy thing that's airport approved, and it slips right into the specially designed pouch on the Faroe Backpack for sliding in and out at security.

Travel Accessories To Help Pack Light and Avoid Waste

Travel Bottles

GoToob Travel Bottles or MUJI Travel Bottles

In most situations, I'll take the risk and use whatever shampoo, conditioner, and body wash that's provided at my destination (providing it's not individually wrapped products). There's usually toiletries available at AirBnBs and not packing them saves space in my hand luggage. In hot climates and ocean water, my skin and hair really struggles so I'd rather pack my own. I've saved tiny pots to scoop cleanser and moisturiser into; for hair care, I've opted for MUJI Travel Bottles that are lightweight yet can hold enough product for a week or two away (if I eek it out). Alternatively you could pack shampoo bars, like these from Beauty Kubes, to avoid carrying extra liquids and save on space.

Packing Cubes

Arcido Packing Cubes or MUJI Packing Cubes

I'm a total packing cube convert. They keep your items well-organised, protect dedicates from damage, and dirty shoes away from your clothes. These packing cubes are designed specifically to fit the Faroe Backpack, maximising the available space; especially useful for longer trips away where every spare inch in your luggage is crucial. There's a handy shoe bag, which doubles as a place to store wet bathing suits. MUJI also has a great range of garment cases with various sizes, including a foldable shoe case and washable clothes case, and they fit most suitcases and backpacks.

Travel Accessories To Help Pack Light and Avoid Waste Travel Accessories To Help Pack Light and Avoid Waste


House of Marley Uprise Wireless Earphones

On road trips, I feel a little rude listening to podcasts or audiobooks, however, on noisy trains and flights, earphones are a lifesaver for avoiding the chaos around you. I pack a pair of wireless House of Marley Uprise Earphones. For 2 hours of charging you get 8 hours of play time with the convenience of a wireless connection. They connect quickly to any device (I mostly pair with my Google Pixel) and the sound is good, especially for the price. They come with 3 size ear gels for a customisable fit, and a stash bag for keeping them tangle-free in your pocket. Better yet, they're sustainably crafted from earth-friendly materials including FSC-certified food, recycled fabric, and post-consumer waste.

Reusable Cup

Corkcicle Classic Tumbler or Stojo Collapsible Cup

I've accumulated a little selection of reusable cups through gifts from friends, ones I've purchased, and press samples. They all serve a purpose in their own way and two in particular stand out when it comes to travel: the collapsible Stojo and Corkcicle tumbler. If I were to pick between the two, I'd plump for the Corkcicle. Being collapsible, the Stojo Cup is more travel-friendly than most other cups and makes itself useful on trips with limited space; but the silicone makes your drink taste a little rubbery. The Corkcicle Tumbler is really sturdy with a slip-proof base and shatterproof lid plus it doubles as a flask for both hot and cold drinks.

Water Bottle

Elephant Box Water Bottle or Ion8 Leak Proof Flask

I wouldn't usually pack a water bottle and a reusable cup, it's typically an either/or situation depending on the length of my trip. Reusable cups are great for car rides, not so much for lengthy train journeys. For times when I'm travelling for long periods my cup is switched out for a bottle. The Elephant Box Water Bottle has an 800ml capacity, which keeps water cool and sees me through a couple of hours. The Ion8 Flask is smaller with a capacity of only 450ml but it's an insulated flask meaning hot drinks and soup can be kept hot for up to 12 hours and drinks cold for 24. Having the option between the two is useful (although maybe not necessary for everyone) and makes travelling more comfortable.

Travel Accessories To Help Pack Light and Avoid Waste

Travel Pillow

J Pillow

For cat naps on car rides or a night's sleep on a flight, a comfy pillow (instead of a bundled up jumper wedged under your head!) makes sleeping while travelling a whole lot more comfortable. I purchased a J Pillow when I took a trip to Japan; desperate to avoid jet lag, I needed to sleep on the plane for the entire 14 hour flight, and the J Pillow helped me to exactly that. It gives you head, neck, and chin support so you don't keep waking yourself up as you drift off. The snap loop is useful for pinning it to your bag but the pillow itself is an awkward shape and quite bulky so I only pack this for long journeys when I know I'll need to sleep.


Kobo H2O

The ultimate space-saver for book worms; an eReader is the size of a single book and contains an entire library. No more running out of reading material before you've even reached your destination! Before every trip I create a reading list, load up my eReader, and keep it within easy reach for quiet moments. If you're in the market for an eReader, I recommend a Kobo H2O. It's waterproof (I tested that out in the pool in Croatia) with a long battery life; charge before you leave and you won't have to pack a charging cable. Unlike the Kindle, the Kobo eReaders can display most file types and you're not locked into buying only from Amazon. I use Calibre - a free eBook management system - to convert my digital books into epubs and transfer them to my Kobo.

Some items in this post were gifted without obligation to share.

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Travel Accessories To Help Pack Light and Avoid Waste