A Wardrobe Declutter For Spring

A Wardrobe Declutter For Spring

Even after over 5 years of living with a minimalist wardrobe, I make mistakes. I add things into the mix that don't work out quite as I expected them to. I end up with a pair of shoes, a bag, a dress or two, and a handful of knitwear and tops that I don't wear.

It happens. Our lives evolve, our style changes, and what we need from our wardrobe shifts. There's a transition that happens to all of us and the fall out is needing to declutter a few things from our space from time to time. Something we've owned for decades suddenly isn't needed anymore. What we bought last year, doesn't always carry through to the next. That thing we so desperately wanted, doesn't fit the way we expected it to or won't work in any outfit, despite how hard we try.

It's kind of foolish to expect that decluttering our wardrobes once is enough; that we'll never again have to deal with an unwanted thing once we've simplified our lives. It's true that if we're mindful of what we buy and make only considered purchases we avoid any major mistakes. But mistakes still happen. We can't always be absolutely certain that, in a year's time, we'll still want or need or use what we've just purchased, especially when that purchase is something we wear. Decluttering isn't something you do just once. It's an ongoing process.

Letting go is good.

A Wardrobe Declutter For Spring

It's the start of spring and I find myself needing to declutter my wardrobe. There's a few pieces that I've fallen out of love with or just don't wear as often as I should, and a couple that never worked for me from the start.

It's frustrating not being able to make use of something and even more frustrating to have made poor decisions. But through decluttering, I can pass those items onto people who will love them and in the process make a little money for charity. Decluttering my wardrobe has meant I see everything I own with fresh eyes and admitting mistakes were made means I'm more focused when it comes to potential future purchases.

These are the items I am saying goodbye to and why I'm saying goodbye to them. They're available for you to purchase via my Depop and all money made from the sales will be donated to Crisis UK. Prices include tracked UK delivery and * denotes items gifted to me by the brand. Everything has been cleaned and checked over, and I'm open to offers on the selling price although please do bear in mind it's for charity.

A Wardrobe Declutter For Spring


Everlane City Anorak

I love this anorak and I've worn it a lot over the two years I've owned it. It's still in great, if not like-new, condition. I'm only selling it on because I now have a Stutterheim Raincoat, which works better for me in terms of versatility. The fit is generous with room for knitwear to be layered underneath.

Everlane Swing Trench*

This is a super old piece I received back in 2016 and is a great little trench coat that I definitely didn't wear as much as I should. The fit is true to size although due to the swing style, the sleeves are more fitted so layering up underneath is more difficult.

Lighthouse Beachcomber Jacket*

A really comfortable, waterproof and breathable, rain coat with a hood that can be rolled up and hidden away in the collar and a double-fastening down the front. I had envisioned wearing this on walks in winter but the reality is, I'm not so keen on being outdoors when the weather is terrible and since receiving another raincoat, this one has become redundant. The fit is true to size so if you want to layer up underneath the coat, I recommend sizing up like I did.

Farnol Utility Jacket*

A cute little jacket that's a nice alternative to the classic denim style. I envisioned myself wearing this often particularly in spring and autumn but it just never happened. I've only worn this once to a '90s party and I've realised it doesn't suit my style in the way I thought it would.

A Wardrobe Declutter For Spring


Gung-Ho Lobster Jumper*

The embroidery on this jumper is absolutely stunning and it's made from super soft 100% organic cotton. It's a great statement piece that I unfortunately shy away from wearing. I've worn it once or twice around the house as part of my loungewear wardrobe but I never ventured outside in it. The fit is slightly too big on me, which made it awkward for me to wear. I'm hoping someone else will appreciate it more than I did.

A Wardrobe Declutter For Spring


Lazy Oaf Pink Sweater Dress

This dress is really, really cute. It's super soft and feels like you're wearing a cloud. I purchased it second-hand in brand new condition and I've worn it twice, once indoors and once out. The material is thick but the fit is loose so I always felt it looked a little too big on me and I never knew when to wear it. It's basically this dress without the patch.


Everlane Wrap Top*

I've never worn this except to try it on because I just couldn't make it work with the rest of my wardrobe. I don't think it suits my style or my shape despite being a really nice, structured top that would be a useful piece in an office wardrobe.

Zara Linen Shirt

I bought this to wear on hot summer days but it just doesn't fit the way I'd like it to. I've realised I prefer a more relaxed style. It was purchased second-hand but in great condition, and it's still in great condition because I've only worn it a couple of times. I'm letting it go to make room for something I'd enjoy wearing more when the weather heats up.

Boden Long-Sleeve Breton

I bought this ages ago and barely ever wore it. It's a fantastic top that's well made and comfy to wear, stripes just aren't really my thing. Breton tops are always coveted as an "essential" for any minimalist wardrobe, and it just goes to show that those "must-have" pieces won't work for everyone. I'm hoping someone else will get more enjoyment from it than I did.

Veganized World Go Vegan T-Shirt
I'm not much of a t-shirt wearer so this never got taken out of my wardrobe very often. I would have been better off purchasing a cropped sweater or beanie as I probably would have worn those more regularly than I would a t-shirt. Lessons learned!

Vintage Shirt

The collar on this shirt is amazing. It buttons up to create an amazing cuff-like collar, or you can wear it unbuttoned like a traditional shirt. The colour just isn't right for me, it's a little too bright. Even though the fabric is unfortunately polyester, it's super soft and silky feeling - not the scratchy kind everyone hates.

A Wardrobe Declutter For Spring


Everlane Modern Oxford

It pains me to pass on these. I won them in an Instagram giveaway when they originally launched, and I've never worn them. I really love the style and the fit is great (except I never broke them in) but I feel weird about wearing them because they're leather. I made a conscious effort to incorporate them into my wardrobe over the last year and failed, miserably. So it's time to pass them onto someone who will love them. There's slight wear on the inside of one heel where they rubbed a little.

Wills Smart Chelsea Boots*

These boots are lovely and look great on, I just don't wear them as often as I should. So much so that the sole shows absolutely no signs of wear! They're a dressier than usual chelsea boot with a slight heel so I'd always end up choosing another shoe over these.

A Wardrobe Declutter For Spring


Nordgreen Philosopher Watch*

A brand new watch, never worn; still in its box with the protective cover still intact. I have two of these, one I was sent by Nordgreen as part of a collaboration and the other (this one) I was sent (without being asked) by another brand so it's sat unused in a drawer. It's a really lovely gunmetal colour with a 36mm face and an adjustable as well as interchangeable strap.

Everlane Modern Snap Backpack

This backpack has served me well over the last few years. You can fit everything you need for a weekend away or, if you're a minimalist traveller like I am, an entire week's worth of travel gear too. I've upgraded to a bigger backpack designed specifically for travelling with so this one is being retired and hopefully passed on to someone who will love it as much as I did.


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A Wardrobe Declutter For Spring A Wardrobe Declutter For Spring