A Minimalist Wardrobe Tour **UPDATED**

March 05, 2020

A Minimalist Wardrobe Tour
Last updated: January 2021

I’ve had a sustainable minimal wardrobe for several years now. I said goodbye to fast fashion in 2015, thrift for what I need whenever possible, and support independent designers as much as I can. Tracking my wardrobe has helped in various ways.

  · it’s shown me exactly what I own and how much
  · it's helped identify things I should get rid of
  · it’s made it easier to see gaps in my wardrobe
  · it’s identified the favourites I always wear
  · it’s put a stop to frivolous spending

I recommend you audit your wardrobe in this way. Although having a list of everything you own might seem excessive, it shows you just how much you have. We have a tendency to severely underestimated the amount of belongings we own and this is a foolproof way of taking responsibility for our possessions.

This is the entire contents of my wardrobe. All 45 items including clothes, shoes, and bags. Not including lingerie, base layers, and accessories. For some people my wardrobe will appear shockingly sparse. Others will wonder why I call myself a minimalist at all with such a vast amount of clothing. It is what it is. Simple living looks different to everyone. I’m not an extreme minimalist and a single pair of shoes, one coat, and a handful of t-shirts and jeans just won’t cut it for my lifestyle.

What I have serves me very well for where I live and the lifestyle I have. I find many minimalists don’t tend to prioritise having a social life or self-expression through style, but I do. Spending time with my friends and my partner is important to me, and I like to dress up for these occasions. I'm a self-employed jeweller so I don't have a work uniform, which provides me with freedom in my day-to-day wardrobe.

A Minimalist Wardrobe Tour

I've worked at curating an all-seasons wardrobe over the last few years that can be worn throughout the seasons. I don't believe in off-season storage so everything I own is always accessible in my wardrobe. It's finally at a place that I'm very comfortable with.

If I were to be starting from scratch, I wouldn't go out and buy every single piece I own now but I'm glad I have them. This is what my beginner capsule wardrobe would look like with all my favourite, most worn pieces.

A Minimalist Wardrobe Tour

I’ve linked to the actual item I own whenever possible, an alternative if the original isn’t available or an ethical option if it’s an old fast fashion purchase. 'Added' means a new purchase made by me, 'gifted' means an item gifted to me by a brand, and 'thrifted' means a second-hand purchase.


All Saints Nahara Coat (added in 2009)
Stutterheim Mosebacke Raincoat (gifted in 2019)
Elizabeth Suzann Duster (gifted in 2016)
MUJI Cocoon Coat (thrifted in 2015)
Great Plains Coat (gifted in 2016)


Paisie Funnel Neck Jumper (added in 2015)
Vintage Cable-Knit Jumper (thrifted in 2018)
Know The Origin Crop Jumper (gifted in 2017)
Vintage Striped Jumper (thrifted in 2019)
Vintage Cream Jumper (thrifted in 2019
Boden Crop Cardigan (thrifted in 2017)
Dorsu Wrap Cardigan (gifted in 2019
Everlane Chunky Cardigan (added in 2019)
Vintage Turtleneck Jumper (thrifted in 2020)
Everlane Crewneck Jumper (gifted in 2020)


Uniqlo Shirt (thrifted in 2018)
Everlane Collarless Shirt (gifted in 2019)
Vintage Button Back Shirt (thrifted in 2016)
COS Funnelneck Top (thrifted in 2020)
MUJI Boxy Top (added in 2019)


Baukjen Joggers (added in 2020)
MUJI Maxi Skirt (added in 2020)
Everlane Easy Chinos (added in 2020)
MUJI Wide Leg Trousers (added in 2018)
Tricotage Paper Bag Midi Skirt (added in 2016)


MUJI Sleeveless Midi Dress (added in 2016)
Zara Tiered Maxi Dress (thrifted in 2020)
COS A-Line Dress (thrifted in 2019)
Linen Fox Midi Dress (added in 2020)
Baukjen Sleeveless Maxi (gifted in 2020)


Avec Clyde Jumpsuit (gifted in 2019)
Thought Wide Leg Jumpsuit (gifted in 2020)


Everlane Transit Bag (added in 2020)
Kanken Mini (added in 2014)
Ellyla Jute Shopper (gifted in 2020)
Ellyla Circle Bag (gifted in 2020)
Ellyla Bucket Bag (gifted in 2020)


Birkenstock Madrid Sandals (thrifted in 2020)
Birkenstock Milano Sandals (added in 2015)
Dr. Martens 1461 Shoes (added in 2014)
Grensen Clara Loafers (gifted in 2020)
Wills T-Bar Loafers (added in 2014)
Stutterheim Rain Boots (gifted in 2019)
Everlane Forever Sneakers (gifted in 2020)

One of the biggest lies about having a minimalist wardrobe is the idea that you’ll never make another mistake about what to buy again. Yet no matter how carefully we consider our purchases, mistakes happen. Not everything works out the way we expect it to. Our lives change, our style grows, and we find ourselves with clothes we no longer want or wear.

But what I can see from keeping track of my wardrobe is how cohesive it has become over time. Having been intentional about what I acquire with a clear colour palette in mind, I've allowed my personal style to develop and in the process I've created a wardrobe that's versatile and sustainably made.

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A Minimalist Wardrobe Tour A Minimalist Wardrobe Tour

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