Simple Living In Spring

Simple Living In Spring

Spring is such a wonderful season in the way that it slowly rouses us from our winter slumber. Spring gives us back our energy and enthusiasm, preparing us for a fresh new year. It encourages us to pay closer attention to our habits, be mindful of our thoughts, and more present in our daily lives. I’m always so excited for spring. I get fed up of the miserable winter days, cooped up inside, hiding from the wind, rain, and snow. I want to get outside, enjoy the sun and crisp air, and start doing things again - without wearing a coat! This is how I’ll be embracing simple living this spring, hopefully it will give you inspiration for how you can make shifts towards a simpler, more considered way of living.

Spring Clean

As cliched as it may seem, spring cleaning is a worthwhile exercise that provides us with the opportunity of a fresh start if we’re willing to take it. This is the perfect time to thoroughly clean your home, open all the windows and let the fresh air, cleansing your space after the long dark months of winter. I prefer to clean up after the holidays, in the period between Christmas and New Year. But spring always has me eager to start afresh with a little extra spring cleaning to blow away the cobwebs and bring everything back into order.

Declutter Spaces

Once every room has been cleaned, you can rid yourself of all that unnecessary stuff and unwanted possessions with a deep declutter. It’ll make your home feel fresh and welcoming again without all that junk hiding at the back of cupboards. Go through your kitchen pantry, office drawers, and shared wardrobes. Declutter responsibly by selling online, donating to charity, or giving it away. I have lots of articles on how to declutter your life from simplifying your home to streamlining your wardrobe, including my eBook: The 5-Step Method For Decluttering.

Change Decor

Switching up the appearance of your home can have a dramatic effect on how you feel about your space. Change the bed linens, switch out the curtains, burn a herb bundle, move around the furniture, touch up the paintwork, hang new artwork; big or small, these changes can help you feel energised and enthused by the new year. For me, altering my space in this way is a renewing ritual that helps me to embrace the changing season. The simple practice of decorating my studio has reignited my love for the space again. I spring cleaned, decluttered, and then redecorated using old second-hand finds and new purchases from independent makers.

Plant Something

Great pleasure can be gained from planting something and watching it flourish. The reward is often an abundance of fresh produce that was relatively easy to grow. Now is the time to start sowing seeds, whether it’s flowers or vegetables. Even if you don’t have much space, a small pot of wildflowers or herbs that can be grown on a windowsill will make you feel more connected to springtime and nature. I’m trying my hand at apartment gardening this year, growing crops like lettuce, beans, radishes, and carrots on my windowsills. If you have a garden or allotment, put it to work and if, like me, you’re in an apartment, try your best with indoor planters.

Embrace Mindfulness

Simple living isn’t just about decluttering and simplifying, it’s about living intentionally; being mindful of our core values and making considered choices that reflect what’s important to us, on a daily basis. Embracing mindfulness helps us to slow down and focus on our principles; the choices we make that bring us closer or further away from the life we want to live. Embracing mindfulness means living your life as authentically and consciously as you possibly can. This spring, I’m focusing on self-care habits to protect my physical and mental health as well as prevent burn out from anxiety and overwhelm.

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Simple Living In Spring Simple Living In Spring