Wardrobe Basics

Wardrobe Basics

You won't find a list of "must-have essential basics for your wardrobe" here. We're talking about the real basics that everyone needs: underwear, socks, and base layers. The items you'll want to keep you comfortable and warm. After several years of building a minimal wardrobe, I've realised it's not worth scrimping on these wardrobe basics. Having underthings that fit well, look good, and are comfortable is a fundamental building block in creating a wardrobe you enjoy wearing.

If you're anything like me, you might not like the idea of spending money on items most people won't even see especially boring ones like ankle socks and basic tees. But trust me when I say investing in basics will make a huge difference to the way you dress. Having well-fitting underwear, base layers that keep you warm, and comfortable tees and leggings can revolutionise how you feel about the rest of your clothes.

For a long time, I put off investing in my wardrobe basics. I went without or made do with what I already owned, and it didn't turn out so well. I was often uncomfortable and cold. I've since learned my lesson and invested in my wardrobe basics from lingerie to leggings. If you're seeking out sustainable wardrobe basics, here are my favourites that come highly recommended.

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One thing I've never compromised on in my wardrobe is lingerie. Life is far too short for ill-fitting, uncomfortable, poorly made underthings that ruin outfits and leave you feeling miserable all day. I want to be comfortable and confident, and a huge part of that is buying underwear I love. Most days I go bra-less but when the occasion calls for one I can't recommend the Organic Basics Triangle Bra enough. Paired with the Organic Basics Organic Cotton Briefs, it's the perfect combo.

My Favourites:
Organic Basics Bras - Triangle Bra and SilverTech Basic Bra
Organic Basics Bottoms - Organic Basics Organic Cotton Briefs
People Tree - white and almond)

Other Recommendations:
People Tree - High Waist Briefs (also in white and almond)
The Nude Label - Briefs


The trouble with socks made from sustainable materials is they don't tend to last as long, in my expensive. I've tried all kinds of responsibly-sourced fabrics from bamboo to recycled nylon, and both wear out faster than cotton. There's only so many times you can darn a sock before you need to buy a new pair. My sock drawer is now stocked with socks almost exclusively from Organic Basics and MUJI. Both brands make high quality socks that wash well and are durable. If these options are a little too boring for you, check out People Tree, Thought, and Chatty Feet for more fun options.

My Favourites:
Organic Basics Socks - Ankle Socks and Standard Socks
MUJI - Right Angle Socks

Other Recommendations:
People Tree - Organic Cotton Socks and Trainer Socks


Sustainably-made tights are hard to find and expensive. If I'm being totally honest, I'm still wearing the tights I purchased several years ago and have yet to commit to investing in sustainable replacements. I've heard great things about Swedish Stockings, they have quite a few styles in limited skin tones, although they are very pricey.

Snag Tights
Swedish Stockings
Thought - Recycled Nylon Tights and Bamboo Tights

Wardrobe Basics Wardrobe Basics

Base Layers

If you want to keep warm or add an extra layer to sheer clothing, base layers are what you'll need. I prefer singlets for disguising see-through blouses and bodysuits for extra warmth. Organic Basics and The White T-Shirt Co. have the best base layer underthings, in my opinion, from bodysuits to singlets.

My Favourites:
Organic Basics Tops & Tees - Organic Basics Tencel Lite Singlet
Organic Basics - Organic Basics Cheeky Body
The White T-Shirt Co. - Fitted Long Sleeve Bodysuit


Despite not being much of a t-shirt wearer, I like to keep a few to hand for wearing underneath tops as an extra layer for keeping warm. The best I've found have either a loose, slightly cropped style or a slim fit with short-sleeves. My recommendations for soft cotton t-shirts, if you're looking for them, are Everlane and Organic Basics:

My Favourites:
Everlane T-Shirts - Cotton Boxy-Cut Tee
Everlane T-Shirts - Slim Cotton Long-Sleeve Tee
Organic Basics Tops & Tees - Organic Tee
Organic Basics Tops & Tees - Long-Sleeve Tee


A good pair of leggings is a must in my wardrobe. I rarely wear them out of the house (except on dog walks) but they're useful indoors as a loungewear option or gym wear, of course. There are quite a few sustainable legging options, depending on what you need them for. Girlfriend, Organic Basics, and Everlane make leggings ideal of activities while the Gossypium thick Power Leggings look and feel more like trousers.

My Favourites:
Girlfriend Collective Leggings - Compressive High-Rise Legging
Everlane Leggings - Perform Leggings

Other Recommendations:
Gossypium - Power Leggings
Organic Basics Leggings - SilverTech Active Leggings

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