A Summer Capsule Wardrobe 2020

A Summer Capsule Wardrobe

I skipped this year's spring capsule. I wasn't in the mood to dream of warmer weather when I'd be stuck indoors for the majority of it. Except for swapping heavier coats for lighter jackets and ditching the tights, there's very little difference between my winter capsule and spring capsule so it didn't matter so much that this spring went unshared. I mostly wore a simplified working from home uniform with wardrobe basics to keep me warm and dressed enough that I felt normal in these peculiar times.

Summer, however, is very different. Whether I'm outdoors in direct sunshine or indoors trying to shelter from it, my choice of clothes takes a drastic shift. My apartment, with its south-facing windows, becomes a botanical greenhouse that quickly gets uncomfortable if you're not ready for it. Outdoors I struggle in the heat unless I wear loose layers of linen and cotton.

The restrictions in the UK have relaxed slightly. We're able to venture outdoors more often and for longer, meaning we can make the most of the sunshine - and I plan to. I've added a couple of pieces to my wardrobe, filtered out the excess with a wardrobe audit, and prepped myself for the summer - even if it turns out to be a summer like no other.

While day trips and long weekend adventures are off the cards for a long while yet, I'm attempting to make the best of a bad situation. I might not be able to enjoy the summer activities I'm used to but I can still get out in the sunshine and enjoy it.

A Summer Capsule Wardrobe


Utility Jacket by Farnol (gifted). I almost sold this jacket. It's a cute utility jacket that's extremely lightweight, somewhat to a fault. I just couldn't find a time or place to wear it. It hadn't sold on Depop by the time we went into lockdown so I kept it to one side until I tried it on one day and decided to keep it after adding an embroidered patch from Heiho. This Everlane Chore Jacket is a good choice if you're looking for something similar.

Duster Jacket by Elizabeth Suzann (old, gifted). The news about EZ closing has made me sad. This duster has proven to be a real hard working item in my wardrobe. I've had it years, worn it regularly, and wanted to add more pieces to my wardrobe. However, EZ was always out of my budget. I'd struggle to justify spending £200 on a single item of clothing - even if I did think it was worth every penny. This is a similar, slightly more affordable linen jacket by Linenfox.


Long Cardigan by Dorsu (gifted). It's more of a lightweight jacket than a cardigan, which makes it particularly suited to the cooler evenings in summer. As much as I'd love not to include any knitwear in my summer capsule, it would be foolish not to knowing how chilly English weather can get.


Poplin Shirt Dress by Everlane (old, gifted). I've been wearing this dress for the last few summers. It's fantastic for hot days and always get compliments. Last year I dyed it from navy to black to get more wear out of it during the cooler months. I imagine it will get lots more wear this summer too. If you're looking for a shirt dress, Adele dress by Beaumont Organic is almost identical.

Sleeveless Maxi Dress by Muji (old purchase). This piece is one of the power wheels in my wardrobe; I wear it all year round but it's particularly suited to summer. It's loose and easy to wear making it my go-to choice on super hot days. It's another clothing item I dyed black to get more wear out of it, and it worked.

Maxi Dress by Filosofia (gifted). An easy-to-wear linen dress is, in my opinion, essential for a summer capsule wardrobe. It's one of those 'throw on and go' pieces for when the weather is so hot you can't deal with deciding what to wear. I do wish I had this in a smaller size though because it's noticeably oversized on me and not in the best way. I may have to let this one go and replace it with a better fitting option.

Easy Jumper by Avec Clyde (gifted). Another piece I wear all year round because it's so versatile. In summer, I wear a basic tee underneath or a loose shirt tied over it. On super hot days, I wear it on its own with a pair of sandals and nothing else. It's a great item I enjoy wearing all year round.


Organic Cotton Tees by Everlane and Organic Basics (gifted). The best t-shirts you can buy, in my opinion. The Everlane Tees are ever-so-slightly cropped, making them ideal for my figure. The Organic Basics Tees are a little longer and slightly fitted, making them perfect for tucking in.

Luxe Crop Tee by Everlane. I have a similar top from Muji that I wear all the time. It's starting to show my love so I've added the Luxe Cotton Crop Tee from Everlane into the mix. I made use of their Choose Your Price sale and a little referral credit I'd accrued. The Luxe Tee is a little different with a more fitted cropped fit that sits nicely at my waste. This style makes it ideal for days where I don't want the fuss of tucking in a shirt.

Classic Shirt by Uniqlo (second-hand). Being a little oversized makes this skirt ideal for summer. It gives the appearance of being smarter than just a basic tee without being fussy. It's airy and roomy so I won't get overheated. This relaxed linen shirt would be a nice option if you need one for your wardrobe.

Collarless Shirt by Everlane (gifted). This shirt super thin, almost see-through, which makes it a good choice for hot summer days. It has a lot of volume in the body with puffy 3/4 length sleeves so I prefer to tie it at the waist for a better silhouette.

A Summer Capsule Wardrobe


Maxi Skirt by Muji. Comfortable and easy to wear, that's what I look for when putting together a capsule wardrobe and this skirt is exactly that. A simple maxi skirts looks great with a tee tucked in or loose fitting tops layered over it. Linenfox or notPERFECTLINEN are great places to shop for summer skirts.

Midi Skirt by Tricotage (old purchase). Made from 100% linen this is the ideal skirt for summer time. notPERFECTLINEN make a very similar linen skirt with lots of colour options. This was an investment piece for me and it's paid for itself over the summers I've had it.

Culottes by Muji. Very similar to the maxi skirt, these culottes are loose-fitting and airy. They're super easy to wear yet look relatively smart, which is always my goal in summer. A good choice if you're looking for linen rather than cotton bottoms would be the Linenfox Wide Culottes.

Easy Chinos by Everlane (gifted). Last year I taught myself to take in waistbands and finally had a pair of trousers I could wear. This year I was gifted these easy chinos, which fit like a glove! I also have the Easy Chino Long Shorts. They're super comfortable and easy to wear - exactly what I need this season.


Sandals by Birkenstock (old purchase). I love these sandals and live in them during hot weather. They're super comfortable, go with everything, and have that normcore style I live for. I highly recommend investing in a pair.

Sandals by Po Zu (gifted). A smarter options when the Birkenstocks are a little too laidback and Dr. Martens are too stuffy. These sandals are dressy yet comfortable, which makes them ideal for summer evenings.

Shoes by Dr. Martens (old purchase). These shoes have been with me for many, many years and see me through every season. They're a comfortable classic that are practical to wear no matter what you're doing and they go with everything.


Hat - Vintage. I found this classic summer hat in a charity shop for £5 - what a bargain! It's well-made and sturdy, which is exactly what you need on a hot, blustery summer day.

Sunglasses by Marc Jacobs (gifted). I've had these years and I love them. They have a classic shape with a cut-out detail on the frame. If I were looking for sunglasses now, I'd visit Peep Eyewear. They have a wonderful selection of vintage sunnies, which you can also have prescription lenses fitted into. This Periwinkle pair are quite similar in style to mine.

Jewellery by Oh My Clumsy Heart. It's hard to pick my favourites from the new range but if we're going for versatility, I've found myself always wearing the Ball Necklace. I can layer it up with statement pieces, like the hand necklace, or wear it alone for a tiny accent. Another favourite is the Etched Medallion, it's so beautiful when it catches the light. Always in my ears are a pair of the Triangle Earrings.