Slow Living Activities With Yawn

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Living slowly and intentionally is revolutionary for our mental health and well-being. You may feel you don't have time to slow down and be kind to yourself when you already have so much going on; but it might surprise you to find that you already participate in slow living activities and acts of self-care in your daily routine. Practicing slow living is as easy as recognising what those self-care activities look like to you: watering your houseplants in the morning, cooking your favourite meal for dinner, going for a long walk somewhere you love, or getting a good night's sleep in comfy sleepwear. These are a few of my favourite simple slow living activities:


The simplest of acts can often be the most impactful. Just sitting and relaxing or getting a good night's sleep tends to have such a hugely beneficial impact on our daily lives. Spending time with ourselves provides us with the quiet we need to check in with our feelings and to disconnect from the daily bustle of everyday life. Investing in quality bedding and sleepwear is paramount to ensuring you're comfortable and relaxed at home.

Yawn launched a range of GOTs certified organic cotton nightwear that does just that. It's soft, breathable, and super comfortable for hot summer evenings or cool winter nights. They're a small independent brand with strong ethics, making nightwear that is fairly-made and environmentally conscious so you can slow down and sleep peacefully.


Tending to a garden or houseplants can be incredibly therapeutic. The health benefits of plants are obvious, once you develop a passion for them. They can boost our mood, improve our concentration, and keep our minds busy as we focus on the task at hand. Gardens and allotments are wonderful spaces to grow food you can eat and flowers you can pick. But if you don't want to get your hands quite so dirty, or are an apartment dweller like I am, tending to houseplants can have a similar effect. I have lots to read up on if you're curious about growing your own indoor garden.


Cooking and eating our favourite dinner or baking special treats to indulge in is one of the simplest pleasures many of us share. There's just so much delight to be found in sitting down with friends and family to share something we've cooked or baked. This simple activity can easily be a daily act of self-love we provide for ourselves, and it will bring so much joy. Foraging for ingredients brings a whole new level to making things to eat and drink; browse some of my low waste recipes for ideas.


Outdoor swimming is particularly magical although a dip in the pool can be just as invigorating. The simple act of exercising our body has a canny way of exercising our mind too. Perhaps another form of exercise appeals to you more than swimming does but whichever form you choose, every part of you has to be focused on it. Wild swimming in particular immerses you in a new world of senses and helps you to reconnect with nature in a very direct and physical way. For the curious, I've written a little about wild swimming here.


We are all creative, even though many of us don't feel like it and we don't always make time for it. Indulging our creativity can unlock new ways of thinking that help us to solve problems and develop confidence with the potential to ignite our passion for a new hobby. It can take all different forms from DIY-ing your own beauty products, to foraging for recipes or decorations, propagating your houseplants, or just making something for the pleasure of it. There are plenty of activities you can do at home with supplies you probably already have in your cupboards, or you can take the more traditional route of participating in art or photography classes.


Specifically walking in green surroundings, perhaps in woodlands or gardens, can uplift our mood and change our perspective. The act of forest bathing has roots in simple living, actively encouraging you to slow down, enjoy the atmosphere, and immerse yourself in the moment. Even if you live in the city, as I do, a route that takes you down roads you've never seen before can be just as powerful. It might not be as calming as being surrounded by nature but it has the potential to be more exciting. Either way, walking provides us with a new appreciation for the world we live in.


The act of removing clutter from our homes can make a overwhelmingly positive impact although it may also feel like a daunting task to take on. Slow decluttering is the act of removing unwanted stuff from you life, little by little. It can be a small activity you do daily to slowly chip away at what you no longer want or need while making room for the things that are most important to you. The result is a happier life with less. My book The 5-Step Method For Decluttering can help you start your decluttering journey.

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