Social Distancing Activities For Home

Social Distancing Activities

Although restrictions in the UK may have eased somewhat, allowing us to venture slightly further and spend a lot longer outside enjoying the sunshine providing we adhere to social distancing rules; the advice continues to encourage us to stay at home as much as possible to keep ourselves and others more vulnerable a lot safer.

While I wouldn't go so far as to say it's boring to stay at home (there's always something to do, after all) but there's a limit to how many books, TV series, and bread you can bake before staying indoors gets frustrating and the itch to go outside starts to feel overwhelming. Finding interesting, fun, productive, and entertaining things to do is essential to staying mentally stimulated within the limited space of your home.

Many of us have small homes with no garden. Staying indoors is more of a challenge when the whole household is at home, all day every day. Space that once felt roomy starts feeling cramped and uncomfortable. It's easy to get on top of each other and go in search of something to distract or entertain us. If you're feeling that pressure, I'm with you.

A big part of staying safe and health is taking care of both your mental and physical health. If you're struggling, these apps for meditation and relaxation might be useful and if you're struggling to make it through the bad days, these self-care habits may help. You don't have to be productive or creative during this difficult time; just know that getting through the day is enough, anything else is a bonus.

There are lots of projects you can do at home if you're looking for something to do, indoors or in the garden (if you're lucky enough to have one) - some more fun than others. From learning to cook new recipes to finally tackling that junk drawer, here are a few time passing activities for when you're staying safe indoors during a lockdown.

Social Distancing Activities Social Distancing Activities

Habit Shifts

  · Zero Waste Challenge - adopt some new habits
  · Wardrobe Audit - a deep dive into what's in your wardrobe
  · Wardrobe Declutter - once you know what's in there you'll know what needs to go
  · Declutter Everything - you can find everything you need to know here
  · Clutter Prevention - if you don't change your habits, clutter creeps back in
  · Deal With Junk Mail - get rid of it for good
  · File Organisation - digital and physical; you'll thank yourself later
  · Social Media Detox - you need this now more than ever
  · Repair Items and Clothes - easy fixes that are simple to learn and easy to do
  · Bulk Shopping - it'll save you time and money


  · Essential Recipes - learn the basics so you don't have to buy them
  · Storing Food - make food last longer by learning to store it correctly
  · Kitchen Organisation - a task that will make cooking easier


  · Enjoy Books - physical, digital, or borrowed; learn to read more
  · Book Recommendations - for when you don't know what to read next


  · Make Something - skincare, decorations, or a cardboard castle for your companion animal
  · DIY Foraged Wreath - try making one from garden herbs
  · DIY Wall Hanging - raid your craft stash
  · DIY Bath Salts - simple and easy to make
  · DIY Cleanser - using ingredients you already have
  · DIY Toner Tonic - great for refreshing your complexion
  · DIY Pillow Spray - it'll help you to sleep better
  · DIY Hair Ties - really easy and low waste
  · DIY Planner - you could even make a bullet journal


  · Plant Care - the low waste way
  · Windowsill Gardening - or if you have a garden, use it!
  · Propagate Plants - it's easy, fun, and you'll end up with more plants than you know what to do with

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Social Distancing Activities Social Distancing Activities