Getting Through Bad Days

Getting Through Bad Days

There are so many ways a day can go wrong: bad news, struggles with work, mental health issues, or perhaps you’re feeling overwhelmed or restless. When your head space is feeling crowded and you’re struggling to stay positive, it can be difficult to know what to do to make things feel better.

There are some things you can do to help recover from a bad day. These are my go-to little ways that help make me feel better even when I’ve been having a tough day, maybe they could help you too?

I Read

Books are a form of escapism and losing yourself in one can always take your mind off the events happening around you. It can be tricky to get your mind to focus and concentrate on the words on the page but I find if you push through reading becomes one of the best distractions for a troubled mind. I find a cozy corner to sit in or take a long bath, and read for as long as it takes for my mind to relax. Pull those unread books from your shelves, borrow books from the library, and develop a healthy habit for reading more often.

I Clean

Household chores aren't my favourite but I’ve always found cleaning to be therapeutic and a way of doing a hard reset when everything seems to be going wrong. If I’m feeling distracted or uneasy, I almost always do some sort of cleaning, tidying, or even decluttering to help improve my environment and lift my mood. Listing to music, a podcast, or an entire series on Netflix, makes cleaning more pleasurable and distracting. This is my simple cleaning routine.

I Tend

When I need a distraction, I like to get my hands dirty. There’s nothing quite like tending to plants; whether you’re an outdoor gardener or a modest indoor one, caring for plants is incredibly therapeutic. There are health benefits to keeping houseplants and growing something from seed is undoubtedly rewarding. But if you don't have the space, 'forest bathing' - immersing yourself in a green space - has the same restorative effect as down windowsill gardening.

I Bake

Whenever I’m having an off day, when things don’t feel quite right and I can’t find my groove with work, I head to the kitchen to bake something. Baking requires concentration and attention to detail. Following step-by-step instructions means taking your mind off whatever is bothering you and provides a distraction for your anxious and worrisome thoughts. At the end of it all, you have something tasty to eat. I have lots of low waste, plant-based recipes to try in my cookbook - download here!

I Cleanse

Candles, essential oils, incense sticks, or burning bundles, they can all cleanse and re-energise your space creating a soothing environment to be in. I also find taking care of myself with good food and skincare treatments helps cleanse my body as well as my mind. Investing time in self-care is not self-indulgent or selfish, it's important for keeping ourselves feeling positive, motivated, and optimistic. We can't take care of others unless we take care of ourselves.

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Getting Through Bad Days Getting Through Bad Days