A Packing List For A Staycation In Wales [AD]

A Packing List For A Staycation In Wales

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I live in a big city, in an apartment without an outdoor green space and no car to get to one. There's a concrete courtyard and two local cemeteries, that's it. Despite my apartment being spacious and filled with houseplants, after months of lockdown I've started to feel the effects of being cooped up for too long. I'm pretty sure a lot of you are feeling a similar kind of way especially if, like me, your outdoor space is quite limited.

Summer usually involves travel for me whether that's a road trip or weekend stay somewhere. With lockdown being lifted in England, travel is possible again although booking a holiday abroad might not be a sensible idea at the moment. So my partner and I are figuring out ways to enjoy our summer break without travelling too far from home including staycations.

My definition of a staycation is a holiday either at home or somewhere close by, that doesn't require you to book a place to stay. My most recent staycation was a few days in Wales, staying in a family member's home. We took our own food to cook and wine to drink while we were there, planning to do very little except go on long walks, play board games, and relax.

The weather wasn't great but I didn't care. It was good to get out of the city for a while and look at a different landscape. Wales is beautiful whatever the weather, and being able to escape for a little while felt really good for both my body and my mind. I kept my packing list short and my bag light: warm outfits for walking in the rain and a comfy change of clothes for evenings in were all I needed to consider. Here's what I packed for 4 days in a tiny Welsh town.

A Packing List For A Staycation In Wales


The Core Roll Pack 15L by Millican. Being able to pack everything you need in a bag that's comfortable to carry is essential for smooth travelling. The Core Roll Pack by Millican is designed to make travel simpler and packing easier and is perfect for short stays. The waterproof fabric is made from 100% post-consumer waste with no plastic hardware, the core backpacks are also PFC-free and vegan-friendly too. There's a 20L option too, if you're travelling for longer, but the 15L easily fits everything I need for a week's worth of outfits plus toiletries and electronics. The extra design features are what make this backpack so functional. There's a generous front pocket for storing essentials and if I need to work while I travel, there's an internal laptop sleeve and stash pocket for storing leads and chargers. The backpack is lightweight and a nice size that can be adjusted thanks to the roll top, which meant I didn't need to pack another smaller bag for use during days out. Travel is so much easier when you realise how little you actually need and having the right travel bag makes all the difference.

The Wash Bag by Millican. Just like the Roll Pack, the wash bag (and smaller utility pouch) is made from 100% recycled PET. It's generous in sizing meaning I could fit a small selection of makeup products as well as my toiletries with room to spare. I've always found packing cubes and pouches essential for keeping a travel bag tidy so you can grab what you need without emptying out your backpack. It makes travel simpler and less stressful. This particularly wash bag is roomy and functional with inside pockets, including a zippered compartment, for optimum travel organisation.


Everlane Air Oversized Crew (gifted) and Organic Basics Cotton Tee (gifted) I needed comfy tops that could be layered, which meant opting for my favourite brands for wardrobe basics: Everlane and Organic Basics. The Everlane Air Oversized Crew is great for wearing alone while the Organic Basics Cotton Tee is more easily layered due to its slim fit. Organic Basics have recently launched new Tencel Lite Tees that look perfect for humid, summer weather.

Everlane Puff-Sleeve Air Shirt (similar). This shirt is thin and oversized making it ideal to wear on hot days with a t-shirt underneath in cooler weather. It's ideal for the changeable weather of Wales and I found myself wearing it a lot over the few days I was there due to how easy it was to style.


Everlane Perform Legging (gifted) I've tried all kinds of sustainably-made leggings and these are my favourite pair for everyday wear. They're super comfortable for travelling and low impact activities like walking. They're sleek and form-fitting so look for stylish than other leggings designed for exercise.

Everlane Easy Chino (new purchase) These are the perfect trousers for me. They have an easy relaxed fit with a pull-on waistband and tapered leg. The lightweight cotton makes them comfortable enough to lounge in after a day of clambering down rocky paths.

A Packing List For A Staycation In Wales


Stutterheim Mosebacke Raincoat (gifted) I love this raincoat so much. It's excellent at keeping you dry, whether it's a down pour or a light shower, and looks super sleek so can be worn pretty much anywhere. The hood is huge and the pockets are deep meaning I can leave my bag and umbrella at home. There's a lightweight version too.


Nike Trainers (second-hand) Reliable shoes are important when you're planning to walk a lot. I purchased these brand-new-but-pre-owned on eBay specifically for travelling, and it's been one of my best purchases. If I was expecting the rain to be especially bad I would have packed my Stutterheim Rain Boots instead. Both are great for long walks in cold, rainy weather.


Yawn Nightshirt and Dressing Gown (gifted) There's nothing quite like changing into warm and cozy nightwear when you've spent all day in the rain. This set by Yawn is sustainably-made from organic cotton, which is super soft to the touch. I like having the option to switch into something more comfy during the evenings, especially when staying in a chilly Welsh cottage.

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A Packing List For A Staycation In Wales A Packing List For A Staycation In Wales